Apple, want to “go to samsung” which have so easy?

as apple’s biggest rivals in the intelligent equipment market, samsung has long is apple’s most important supplier of electronic components. In order to reduce dependence on samsung, cook at the helm of apple has been working hard to promote “to samsung”. However, a recent report shows us a fact: there is a certain gap between ideal and facts.

according to the report, foreign consultants Chipworks iPhone 5 s of A7 chips by its largest competitors – samsung (samsung semiconductor factory HKMG process). Though the iPhone 5 of A 6 from samsung chips, but after the media exposure, apple has tried to will be part of the New the iPhone A transfer series chips, TSMC ( TSMC ) contract. Therefore, what the news let us feel a little surprise.

the apple has been trying to put more equipment panel order allocation the LG and Taiwan’s au optronics. But because au optronics the next generation of the mini retina display yield is not high, samsung will continue to be as the main provider of apple’s panel. In addition, LG will still produce more than half of the iMac screen, but samsung is expected to be in second place.

in terms of RAM, apple will originally offered by samsung NAND and d-ram storage chip supplier for SK hynix, Japanese companies such as Toshiba and will reach. However, according to some media reports, the iPhone 5 s in the RAM may still be samsung foundry.

prior to that, according to China news network reported that the iPhone products, about 40% of the product price parts are provided by samsung. In 2011, apple purchased from samsung semiconductor parts size of about 10 trillion won, equivalent to about 6% of samsung electronics sales.

another news that apple is going to take part of the new series A chip transfer part of the OEM orders of TSMC, but by 2014 at the earliest. In addition, has the world’s scarce 28 nm semiconductor factories, qualcomm, nvidia, etc are all big clients in TSMC. Could you please transfer some orders, TSMC is to consider the production capacity of TSMC. This program is not necessarily can go smoothly, more will not happen overnight.

apple to samsung, faces the samsung voice is extremely high in the global electronics industry high-end components industry status quo. Believe that as a supply chain domain expert cook must understand: blind to samsung is neither desirable, nor necessary.