Apple of the so-called “China conference” is to see the video?

9 on 11 morning, apple’s “special conference” for the first time in China, the site didn’t apple executives or Chinese partner (China unicom / China telecom) executives.

the so-called “special conference”, actually is to play again 9 hours ago apple video conference of America – oh, have a voice in Chinese… Also provides some real machine for play.

and present several portal and a large number of traditional Chinese media reporters can only sit there and watch the video. Don’t know if they have own melon seeds, coke, popcorn, apple, after all, the official did not provide.

the phoenix technology shooting the film scene:

this xiao yun said don’t know how to evaluate… If this is embodied in the Chinese market, it can only say that the cook is aggressively to squander jobs left China’s apple consumers charm and summoning force.

in order to appease the unnecessary nationalism, need to say more: apple today also held a special conference in Japan, the theme is also watching video recorded, of course, there are Japanese dubbing, well, that’s it.