Apple is slow a beat! IWatch trademark has been registered

according to foreign media reports, apple’s “smart watches iWatch spread already a long time is not yet launched. However, if apple to use the trademark, it may be in great trouble. It is reported that there are other companies in the United States, Britain, parts of Europe and iWatch trademark preemptive registration in China.

to effect Until now, the apple only in Japan, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey have registered the trademark iWatch, but are not registered in other places, if it rashly use iWatch trademark, may get in marijuana irritated. In the u.s., a company called OMG Electronics Canadian companies claim to have had the trademark rights. OMG tried to funds raised through all the way to promote iWatch smart watch project, but it only on the financing platform Indiegogo raise part of its $100000 in financing goals.

in Britain and the European Union, a network services company called Probendi since 2008 had the iWatch trademark rights. It’s an app has the brand, the application can be a smart phone audio, video, and geographic location information sent to the company’s emergency management software.

in China, there have been more than nine companies claim to have the trademark rights, but most of which the trademark is now invalid. In addition, there is a company with iWatching trademark.

the apple has a strong legal team, more importantly, has the abundant fund, to overcome these obstacles, especially in the place where the trademark has not been used. Apple is not the first time open trademark: the trademark rights in a fight with the Chinese company proview process, cut down apple breath more than $6000.

some people think that the smart watch is the next great products. The wear on your wrist, mobile devices have emerged for a period of time, in the near future, they will become popular, especially in apple iWatch really. It is reported, Google, Microsoft, samsung, and dell are developing their own smart watches, and SONY has introduced a SmartWatch. 2.

translation: tencent technology