Apple iPhone 5 s/c conference: once again, don’t change the world

it’s about time for me to admit this: apple, as a company open smartphone tide, it is like the smartphone market, has been difficult to get out “change the world” of the new product.

apple’s new products have not been able to “change the world”, again, again and again.

there are two of the leading role of the conference: the iPhone 5 s and the iPhone 5 c . Two products in the same way as before the media exposure, there is no big surprise, in addition to… the iPhone 5 c price.

iPhone 5 s : fingerprint identification, three kinds of color

64 a A7 chip, three colors: space grey, silver, gold, bigger camera aperture, upgraded version of iOS 7 system. Of course the most important “innovations” : fingerprint identification.

iPhone 5 c : shell version the iPhone 5 , science and technology to change shell for this?

this is 5 color shell iPhone , internal configuration with the iPhone 5 the same. It is used to replace the iPhone 5 , or is designed to solve the the iPhone 5 the shell off paint? !

the iPhone 5 c/5 s listed, however, the iPhone 5 from sales…


16 g iPhone 5 c : t-mobile bare-metal 549 the dollar, China’s trading price 4488 $

16 g iPhone 5 s : t-mobile bare-metal 649 the dollar, China’s trading price: 5288 $

there is at least good news, the Chinese market as the iPhone’s starting market for the first time, on September 20.