Apple called iMessage — spam has become a industrial chain is called the car application is big customer


earlier this year, based on the apple called iMessage — sent SMS spam messages begin to rise. A taxi promotion content for mobile phone software, food and other mobile App , and hotels, stores and other small local life promotional advertising.


IT Times reporter survey found that called iMessage — spam promotion has initially formed the industrial chain, make up the layers of the agent’s cooperation pattern. Xiamen giant Rio tinto Internet information technology co., LTD. As a general agent company, there are twenty or thirty employees, its open multiple secondary agents throughout the country, Beijing become domain associated advertising co., LTD., and their cooperation. Click a taxi, quick take a taxi, shake will hire car, home food, my name is MT such as mobile phone software, real estate, finance, cinemas, etc are the two clients.

【 investigations reveal 】

server scanning for apple users

these agents and advertising company is how to collect apple user account? The mobile phone or E-mail account? (note: the called iMessage — can use mobile phone or email opened) reporter in the name of the advertiser to communicate with the two companies.

xiamen giant Rio: earlier this year, we developed the “apple”, is the number of apple devices in use can be scanned, get some activation called iMessage — account information, including phone number. Through the , we can locate the user area, realize the subregional sent.

Beijing become domain: we are supported by the terminal, through the server to scan every day, new will be swept into the apple. Mobile phone number and email will sweep.

the apple’s Mac OS X players secrets, “the author, wang for the IT Times reporter analysis, they are likely to get apple users from operator channels phone number, may also be screening suffix for @ or @ email, because the two email is provided by apple, some users called iMessage — email are the two. In addition, write a called iMessage — mass software 5 minutes don’t have to.

but both companies say, in addition to search out the called iMessage — ID account, users of other information, such as age, income, hobbies, etc. Don’t know.

Post a minimum

6 points

xiamen giant Rio tinto and Beijing become the domain the two companies have mastered the vast Numbers of apple users ID account. “ IT Times reporter a user from the xiamen giant Rio tinto mining scale, according to the 4 on 1 day, sweep across the country to the 1750 users, mainly concentrated in the second-tier cities. Beijing, most have 220 , Shanghai second, 210 , then guangzhou 120 . Beijing to say this month in Shanghai New sweep by domain to 15 .

there is a problem is the key, send a called iMessage — (spam) price how much?

Beijing become domain: we provide text, graphic, video sent three kinds of forms, different fees. If send 10 all 100 ten thousand 7 points / article, graphic 2 / ; If send 100 ten thousand above, the text 6 points / article, graphic 1.8 / . Video business is to be determined. If you need monthly, quarter, years of business for half a year, package, custom business interface, price negotiable.

xiamen giant Rio: in accordance with the agent.

Beijing by domain, according to their delivery record, a second average send 50 called iMessage — , so usually send 10 article ten thousand only need half an hour. For marketing effect, the company is good, “di di taxis with our services, download increased many. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull