Apple apple TV iWatch gross profit margins or up to 60%

Beijing time on March 4, according to foreign media reports, when apple chief executive Tim Cook (Tim Cook) suggested that apple is developing TV products, promote the growth of the company’s future, the company is still in the development of wrist watch type equipment, may stronger profitability.

citigroup analyst Oliver Chen (Oliver Chen) predicted that global watch industry sales will top $60 billion this year. The analyst said, compared with the television industry, although the watch industry lower revenue out of many, but the gross margin can reach 60%. Bloomberg industry analyst Anna DE Laura vasant (Anand Srinivasan), said the watch industry gross margin is four times as many of the television industry.

with its iconic brand and profitable retail network, apple is always ready to enter the watch market growth. Move into emerging markets, which will help you to make up for the apple growth in other sectors such as the iPhone and iPod. Since last September, since hitting a record high price competition from companies such as samsung electronics, as well as to cook the concerns of the launch of new products speed concerns, apple shares have fallen by a third.

oliver Chen, an analyst said, “for apple, $6 billion into the watch industry can bring the opportunity. If the company could produce new concept like introduced the iPod, also will be more opportunities.”

a market research firm IHS Electronics & amp; Media predicts that this year the global TV industry sales of up to $119 billion. According to oliver Chen’s expectations, if apple in watches and occupies 10% market share of the television, so the company’s gross margin is getting the watch industry will reach $3.6 billion, more than $1.79 billion for the television market.

big watch team

sources familiar with apple’s plans, the company currently has a team around 100 product designers, specializing in watch style of product design and development. The equipment can perform some current tasks performed by the iPhone and the tablet.

, the sources said the apple the function of this new equipment will include allows users to make calls, check the identity of the caller and refer to the map, and so on. The message says, the equipment will also with the pace of computing a pedometer and monitoring and health related data of the sensor.

the message says, apple for the fastest launch the device in this year. Apple currently has words, including “the wrist” (wrist) applied for at least 79 patent applications, including the flexible display equipment, backed by power.

Chicago designer Scott Wilson (Scott Wilson) said that in order to adapt to the small screen of watches, apple may adjust their iOS mobile operating system, thereby limiting equipment transmission of information to the wrist.

according to lunch time

Wilson said, “there is no doubt that the wrist is a valuable part of convenient, the space is enough to provide the basic information. On your wrist show ‘we had dinner where such information will be very good.”

in the past about launched smart watches attempt did not go too far. Microsoft in 2003, allied citizen and Fossil watch maker, plans to launch can provide transportation, tournament scores and watch the weather forecast. But the efforts ended in failure in 2008.

for wrist device, now seems to is development. As consumers are increasingly accustomed to using a mobile application in daily life, their current prefer try to users to more easily access to the data equipment.

in the “crowd funding” kickstarter to raise more than $1000 capital, innovative company Pebble Technology is planning to launch the apple and Google watch (weibo) operating system. Martian Watches and Meta Watch two companies are trying to launch a similar product.

can wear the war equipment

apple suddenly into the watch market, will be for the company to compete against Google’s open up a new loath — only this time in wearable technology. Google is developing Google glasses (Google Glass), the computing device is like glasses, can be worn on the user’s face. The owner of the Google glasses, will be able to capture through voice control pictures, record video, or to ask the way, and can complete some other information.

apple is far more than other companies, have proved that the company enters the mature market, and easy to use innovative technology to reshape the market ability. Before apple iPhone, mobile phone manufacturers to don’t have much innovation, but equipment sales record continuously am happy. Market research firm Strategy Analytics, said the iPhone 5 is in the fourth quarter of last year’s best-selling smartphone; Another market research firm IDC expects, iOS operating system currently occupied 21% of the mobile operating system market.

watch the revival of the industry is about to experience, will be reminiscent of the iPhone before the mobile phone industry. Since 2009, Fossil and Swiss watchmaker the movado’s shares have risen more than 200%.

shares rose sharply

the gross profit margin on the above two companies now are more than 55%, thanks to consumer demand for fashion watches rose sharply. Thanks to promote capacity expansion, swatch last month issued a record earnings, and the net profit of the company is a trend of accelerating.

to make such progress, also introduce more technology allows businesses to bear the cost of risk to the motivation of watches are getting smaller and smaller. Costa carter, chief executive of Fossil sodexo (Kosta Kartsotis), said the company is currently no plan launched smart watches. Fossil in the past decade has cooperation with companies such as SONY and Microsoft, trying to launch a smartphone.

sodexo carter said in a recent conference call that “we are keeping a close eye on the market.” But in sodexo carter’s view, traditional watches “have more chance.” Besides brands and retailers, another advantage of apple is on the lower screen, battery and circuit board accessories such as prices, the company has the ability of incomparable.

apple watches business if you can succeed, will slow decline in gross margin trend brings the pressure of the company’s share price. Bloomberg industry analyst said sunil watts said, investors, the current main concerns is whether apple is able to find a product, to make up for the iPhone growth falling to the impact of the company’s performance. At present, the apple iPhone profit margins at around 55%, is almost twice the apple and Mac. In the analyst’s view, apple watch to get the same gross margin with the iPhone.

apple chief designer Johnny Ive (which Jony Ive) always have a special liking to watch. Besides we own many high-end watches, he has an apple in a few years ago led the team visited Nike sports watch factory.

Marshall, an analyst with market research firm NPD Group Cohen said Marshal Cohen, “apple is able to function and fashion together. Apple sales of watches to watch industry triple within one to two years. Apple has the opportunity to each use of mobile phone users to buy a watch.”

Watch company Meta Watch chief executive Bill and Joseph (Bill Geiser) said the apple on the design of the Watch industry can use its incomparable advantages. He said, “never like now health watch industry. For the intelligent fashion accessories has opened up a new category.”

(source: tencent technology)