Apple accelerate recruitment, iWatch release is expected in the second half of next year

according to the FT reports, apple is now actively recruiting new employees, to accelerate its smart watch program. Recruitment plan shows that apple is working on wearable devices. While the industry is generally accepted that the rumoured iWatch to release until the second half of next year at the earliest.

as a result of the lack of wearable technology talented person for the time of the main causes of recruitment, apple from iPod , iPhone and the products into another completely “strange” new products, needs the support of a large number of relevant technical personnel, this also let people wonder, whether apple had a technical bottlenecks, whether apple’s engineers have the ability be competent this project. In addition, according to reports, apple is also in the acquisition of small companies, and these small companies have to iWatch project help people, and they are trying to keep the project turned out to employees in the company.

there are rumors that apple’s iWatch project has been started already for a period of time, more than 100 a engineer is working for the project. Earlier this month, there is, according to people familiar with the Paul Deneve (luxury jewelry retail giant yves saint Laurent, a former chief executive of a company) are invited to join the apple, is responsible for a so-called “special project”, speculation he might be involved in the iWatch other wearable computing projects and apple.

at present, apple has in some countries to apply for the iWatch trademark, but from now, they seem to have a long way to go, iWatch really appear in front of us may have to wait for a while.