Annual media usage survey: 46% of respondents use smart phones, 41% use tablet computers, TV viewing is only 36%

Beijing time on March 20, according to the international famous science and technology media CNET reports, MOTOROLA’s mobile division of global 9500 consumer survey found that most people will use smart phones and tablets in the bedroom to watch video programs, rather than watch TV.

MOTOROLA media usage table reveals the 9500 consumers from 17 different countries video using behavior.

all over the world people will do in the sitting room and bedroom? According to MOTOROLA mobility group released the fourth annual media usage table, we learned that you are using mobile equipment consumption of all kinds of content. Consumers around the world will watch the film and television programs on average every week time from 15 in 2011 hours in 25 hours.

the study found that 50% of respondents said it was in the living room to watch TV programs, while 40% of respondents would use a smartphone or tablet to watch. MOTOROLA’s mobile division (Google) to 17 countries surveyed 9500 consumers, found that 36% of respondents in the bedroom watching video program, 46% of them use smart phones, 41% use tablet, 36% are watching TV. In addition, the study also found that 9% of tablet users and 16% of smartphone users will watch interface in the bathroom.

more than 50% of respondents said they would on a mobile device to download storage TV programs or movies.

the study also found that people hope to be able to watch programs more flexible use of various equipment. 76% of respondents expressed the hope that these content can automatically move between different devices.

skip advertising is a major source of people choose to record programs. According to the survey, 68% of respondents and 75% of American respondents said to skip to the television video ads. This trend poses a challenge to television networks.

as the confrontation Dish Network in its digital hard disk recorders provide AutoHop automatic skip () function, fox, CBS television (CNET) parent company, NBC (Comcast) and ABC (Disney) has been investigated Dish Network legal action. This several big television claimed to skip ads this damaged ecosystems, supported by advertisers, and Dish also has no right to because of his economic and business interests to go off when repeats on advertising. Dish claimed automatic skip function is not copyright infringement. The technology will not change the broadcast signal, also won’t removed from the video ads.

the mot of the survey also found that 29% of the weekly show will be watching again after the live. On average, with digital hard disk recorders of respondents will see more than watching live shows, only about a third of the recording system program was never seen. In the survey of the American audience, 41% of the recorded program was never seen. Even so, by the large amount of high quality broadcast and cable television network, TV viewing time from 10 hours a week in 2011 to 19 hours a week. Movie subscription also increased from 5 hours a week to 6 hours. In 17 countries surveyed, the United States in terms of views at the top, there will be 23 hours a week watching TV, 6 hours to see a movie.

other findings:

77% of respondents said it was because the program with oneself want live in conflict and select recording programs.

72% of respondents said they would save the entire series of shows are recorded.

68% of respondents said they would remove content for equipment storage space is not enough.

50% of the respondents said when watching not social networking activities. While 60% of 16 to 24 years old young people will be watching the show on their own social network updates.

annual media usage table (tencent technology illustrated)

according to the survey, in the bedroom, 46% of respondents use smart phones, 41% use tablet computers, TV viewing is only 36%. (source: MOTOROLA mobile division)