Android version 5.0: Twitter is translucent push-pull drawer, added three project labels

are you used to see the Android Twitter the layout?

according to foreign media reports, science and technology Twitter are testing Android version of the Twitter 5.0 . It is understood that the updated Twitter will be on the left side to add a push-pull drawer (control interface).

of course, users can also through the way of sliding around, to switch in different project (homepage, interactive, discovery, personal data). Just, Twitter 5.0 adds another 3 project tag (as a result, there is a 7 project label), including the activities ( Activity), popular trend (Trending), looking for the user.

the new Twitter ( Android version) in addition to the design of the project on the label change over the past, deserves more attention or said earlier that can push and pull the drawer sidebar. This drawer bottom is translucent, substrate is the head of users’ personal data, through fuzzy processing. In this drawer menu, the user can directly choose 7 project, and also can change the order between each other. Label in every project, of course, will also present a specific number of notifications for users.

now we can see is just a beta, probably will have more change in the future.

the user can choose to join Twitter 5.0 Android version of the project, and from Google Play download.

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