Android took the tablet from apple in market baton: the former first super device, the market share the total income convergence

according to market Research institutions ABI Research, according to a report published recently in the second quarter of this year the Android tablet for the first time, the market share of more than the , and both in the industry’s profits are more close.

here is the report of the main contents:


in the second quarter, the global flat-panel industry revenues for 127 1 $;

2. The flat terminal sales in the second quarter of the global total revenue of 50% (first time reduced to 50% );

3. ABI find the the average selling price has begun the average price of convergence and global tablet products. It is reported, the the average price of last quarter year-on-year decline in 17% , and Android the average price of tablet is compared with the last quarter rose 17% ;

4. The mini account for the apple tablet shipments of 60% , at the same time it also occupies the the total revenue 49% ;

5. ABI pointed out that the small size flat orthodox Lin the tablet market. In the second quarter of this year, 7 inch tablet occupying most of the tablet in the field of market share for the first time;

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