Android lost another player: AOSP competent dissatisfaction about the present situation of Android, job-hopping to join the yahoo

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Android important members of the team of engineers Jean Baptiste – Queru have left Google, induction yahoo this week.

According to

LinkedIn on the update, we learned that his new role is in yahoo yahoo mobile team chief architects and engineers. Since meyer at yahoo, its mobile team is constantly expanding, growing.

Queru on Tuesday in Twitter first announced the news:

then yahoo also has carried on the official account confirmed:

Queru leave, probably with him on Android disappointment about the current situation. Before he was responsible for leading Android open source projects ( Android Open Source Project, ), but the project on hardware vendors and manufacturers (such as qualcomm) don’t cooperate.

at the beginning of the New the Nexus 7 open source fails to duly reported, Queru denounced qualcomm, suggesting that it was due to qualcomm the GPU set obstacles, blocking the New the Nexus 7 original image released on schedule.

the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 all use the qualcomm Soc (Xiao dragon S4 Pro ), of which the the GPU the qualcomm Adreno . The disputes between Google and qualcomm, more open and conservative patent disputes between qualcomm may be reluctant to involve myself the GPU architecture as part of the code AOSP part of the open source projects to publish.

Queru 7 on 31 day had painful tweets 6 a month of hard work has destroyed by lawyers:

from 2007 to begin, open source and fragmentation, open and closed, has been Android growing annoyance. The Android fragmentation eased, but open and close the source has been a great debate. Queru trouble, just one of the episode.

Queru as out of AOSP work. This week he will begin his new job in yahoo. Wish him before Google executives mui’s leadership, all is well.