And where is the opportunity? Acquaintance stranger ones

after Mr Ma’s own strong push around and invited people to join later, according to the TechWeb reports, ali sources, from 23 day begin informs all tao girl in, hoping to attract hundreds of tao girl to the cluster. Alibaba CEO recently, Mr. Lu said, and launch two since many days, the growth rate of users about 140% , company willing to pay any price for “and” . About why jack ma pushing vigorously, the author in the ma pushing why? Brush presence, stimulated, a sense of crisis “the article has described, in this paper, it is no longer here.

users is a very strange, when only a broken and old wooden bridge, in front of them bridge also filled with all kinds of thorns, poisonous insect beasts of what, in the case of works great, so they use. But if there are ten of very high-end grade atmosphere can be four lanes together of that kind of bridge, “you have a garbage on the bridge”, “how did your bridge doesn’t have that fancy night-light?”, all kinds of negative, discontent will outer diffusion, users began to criticize all kinds of problems. Recent reports of Wikipedia ( Wikipedia ) donors to reduce the problems, actually also can say and user of sexual, in a few years ago when the user needs to browse information widely, the Wikipedia entry for the huge amounts of resources to meet the needs of the user, but when the user is not only satisfied with the number, and began to critical quality problems began to emerge.

users of the speech and the domestic many mobile social software flood relationship, the user choice too much, a user is difficult to also spend a lot of energy on a few mobile social software, and the software on the function also the same. And relative to other mobile social software, or a child in its infancy, unlike WeChat, met, such as adults, user requirement for and too high, but the product is no way to blame the user, and the growth of also need a lot of time. (kids and adults a fight, always not sensible to and now have to fight with parents intention too impulsive, we all know that don’t WeChat confrontation, perhaps jack ma didn’t want to lose to the “gas”)

I personally think that: the current positioning is not clear, whether as a normal user communication with mobile social software, or as a dependent on taobao Tmall electric business aspects of the social software, and the former WeChat, easecredit, such as direct conflict, which can make it PC the prosperous. According to ali’s recent series of action, should is to make ordinary users use mobile social networking tools, but only on the current function, it is so lacking.

Facebook to form of the virus quickly spread out, by the user active behavior, the active participation of the user to Facebook , among it and correspondence of mandatory to enter there is essential difference between. Remove the user’s initiative, take the product hardness, and does not have outstanding performance, in contrast, WeChat short video, pay, social games gradually improve, and like a naked child, completely no place can attract users. Social network is the principle of the mesh, it is the user in the user’s connection, and diffusion constant connection between the user, once I have written the letter said, I want to be a lot of users “,, you need is not only the thousands of girls, there are thousands of users.

for the light body of, where the chance of it? On the product features, it still has plasticity? Here to analyze from two aspects, one is an acquaintance, a stranger.

location based social

2013 , 5 on 10 , , gould announced for alibaba group 2.94 $investment, ali will hold gold about 28% . Cai Chong, executive vice President at the same time, alibaba’s board and alibaba wireless division President Eddie wu will act as company directors. After sina weibo, a occupies an important place in the mobile terminal products in ali department, ali’s annual large sections “double ten”, Scott map is directly put up a “double zone”.

iPhone application stores, Loopt , Moximity , Whrrl , Where are based on the position of social software applications, such as raising money have reached tens of millions of dollars or more, the domestic location based social software much more slowly than abroad, including micro now believe applauded, meet, such as access to the nearby several software functions. And there is a map of gold as a technical support, its location is also a great social function characteristics (baidu map with micro letter to launch party function to enhance its social attribute, ali know also use “double a” gold map layout, correspondence and Scott map should be the combination of things soon).

location based social function, can let strangers become easier to make friends, said frank some makes “booty call” became more easy and practical. Acquaintances circle is limited, the circle of strangers is infinite, position social function, more can let the offline communication into reality.

shake Or encounter

Scott map and nearby people’s function, solved the Antipodes function is not implemented. Such as WeChat shake, bottles, Line to shake, meet encounter games is particularly necessary at this time, let the other people breakthrough the limitation of local dating is more extensive.

from the point of view of the current several mobile social software, pure text communication, voice communication is more, the direction of the image communication is less, only through a circle of friends, personal home page to view, although the individual images can also reflect a lot of information, but by combining with almost no. Shake, drift bottle is just information form, there is no much difference in nature. As WeChat short video online, after the use of video communication to break through the communication between strangers is possible.

going back and forth to breakthrough is stranger exchanges of information between form, as to shake, encounter, shake hands, or other it doesn’t matter, as long as it can to break through in the information transfer form, this feature is also a major bright spot.

user import

social acquaintances, is a recommended between each other, one is a system of import. Now, going back and forth to each other by the user recommendation is need some time, and through taobao, Tmall import is the easy thing, just to taobao, Tmall users, is also not small user base, use of the user, to spread, it is formed by the huge network, not how much weaker than tencent empire, by that time, is it possible to have the opportunity to associate and WeChat one for the world.

micro letter can obtain a large number of users in a short time, and its associated recommendation system, open the micro letter can obtain many QQ recommended on users. So, and can completely through referring users want want to do, so that users can also open the circle of acquaintances.

as a social tool, it is the basis of the user, not a large number of users, its social networking, unable to form, and to retain users, in addition to people, and the product itself, and now, like a naked child, on the product function is not too many prominent bright spots, but WeChat products also belong to normal. As an ordinary user, when the side with the more and more people coming and going, and when WeChat, Momo, met a tool such as may be replaced by correspondence, it is possible to use, “a man’s kingdom”, and how to build their own “harem”? Thousands of sister divided by a pack of wolves, rob is a problem, “harem” can only be the legend.

at present through various ways to attract users to join, but social networking tools only someone is no good, how to let the user flow, allow the user to form the habit of using transactions, this also is a big problem. “I walked quietly, as silently I came; I wave sleeves, not even a wisp of cloud will I bring, “this isn’t the user wishes to home, and you also need to highlight their own characteristics in a product, let each seat,” the kingdom “has a strong” harem “, and from a long way to go! Go big Marco!

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