America’s top hunting, cloud depth, 】 【 vc: native applications is the future

(translation: Chen yu)

article abstract: this article is a famous American vc Benchmark top partner Bill Gurley written in a personal blog articles. Bill Gurley graduated from the university of Florida, and early to rise, a former compaq technical engineers. He was involved in investment company including Uber, median, GrubHub, etc. Gurley has repeatedly selected Forbes best VC investors. This article, Gurley pointed out that with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, mobile application has replaced the Web application has become the mainstream market. Traditional Internet companies, and other emerging startups, need to understand the above situation, and actively to mobile application platform.


if you have, and is a sports fan, so the experience of the following would be frequent. When you work or go out and happen to be an extremely exciting sporting event is on TV right now. You may be very hope someone can help you to record the game, but no one can help you in working days. In the end, you full of regret sighs: if only I could remote control video!

there was a time, a live television company (DirecTV) provides us with the remote recorded TV service. At first, they are through the Internet browser, however recently changed by smartphone applications to achieve the above functions. Ironically, however, mean that the same company, the same service, but it is because has adopted the different carriers and modes and produce the huge gap between the user experience. Recorded on the browser program, often requires the user to input a long list of the authentication information from the TV providers, in order to log in. This way of login authentication is both time-consuming and inefficient. And save the trouble on the iPhone, users do not need to log in, can quickly achieve recorded shows. Not only that, in the navigation time, desktop often awkward, slow, and the same action going to more sensitive and quick in smartphones. Therefore, when some event happened to miss, and under the condition of high-speed broadband network, I would choose to use my iPhone remotely start video help me to record a complete game process.

two application platform: Web App Vs Mobile App

nowadays, a variety of applications and services make a person dazzling. However, compared to the Web browser (or) applications, mobile application has become the user favorite type. According to a survey, the largest U.S. review site Yelp 45% of search traffic from mobile network, and the median as a famous online real estate information website, 50% of its front page views is also comes from the mobile network. It can be said that almost from the mobile Internet traffic, has been all Internet companies to hold the quite a number of the percentage of total visits. At the same time, based on the application of mobile terminal also occupy almost all the fragmentation of the user. These mobile applications not only inherited the mobile operator network communication ability (such as GPS), also on the way of “mobile” has carried on the innovation in aspects of terminal adapter. In a word, mobile applications will communication ability polymerization, fixed network, mobile personalized mobile applications. In addition to Web applications, mobile applications, some people proposed a third application type, namely in the between an application – based on HTML 5 mobile network (for example, mobile monternet portal, and nokia Ovi). However, according to Compuware (translator note: Kang Puke weft newsletter provides software solutions and professional services, can improve the efficiency of the whole part IT organizations, from the application development to the business and IT portfolio management, delivery management support all important enterprise computing platform, entered China in 1996.) A survey report shows that compared with the mobile network, 85% of users prefer mobile applications.

platform of transformation: from the browser to run independently of the App

apparently, when user preferences change, such as from based on the browser desktop environment evolution to the current mobile application environment, the differences of the user experience, heralding the platform of iterative update. Platform of transformation is rare, but every time in history, will be far-reaching influence on the whole industry and even the world. Transformation of platform for the first time in the field of IT appeared in 1985, the dominant system from DOS into Windows PC. In the transition period, a lot of big companies (such as sapphire blue company and Lotus) because chose different platforms and encountered a different fate. Next, based on client/server war, also produced a new batch of outstanding person, they are beyond the time of the company, become a leader in the industry. Transformation is a third time in 1996, the birth of the Internet browser, it not only changed the whole software application market, but also affect the print and media. Based on the browser’s Internet industry has given rise to a lot of startups, several of them will be worth billions of dollars of industry giants. Is an interesting phenomenon, in different platform of iterative process, most of the new company (pure Internet company) will always be older than those with the trend of transformation, the development of better, earn more profits. Now dominate in the field of tourism, for example, is a new generation of web-based travel website or application, such as Priceline, Joyce, TripAdvisor and Yelp, while those of once great before the age of the Internet companies, such as Frommers and Zagat, although also in the process of transformation, but it is much less than the prospects of the development of its new rivals. Especially in the field of science and technology, this kind of old and new change phenomenon more obvious. As in the Internet era, the dominant industry is Google, yahoo, ebay, Facebook and Twitter, not Microsoft.

nowadays, it is the browser platform to stand-alone application platform of the moment. We have seen a lot of pure focus on companies in the field of mobile, such as sets, Uber, Snapchat, Rovio, Supercell, Natural Motion, of the mobile Internet era, the browser as the entrance to the resistance character appears in the public eye, and increasingly become the mainstream of the market. Turn in this platform, will have great influence for all the existing Internet companies, the risk is high, the price is big, enough to make a lot of successful people continue to destruction.

platform shifts of 10 key

platform shift at the same time, the principle of the survival of the whole industry and there has been a fundamental change, development tools, development goals, and even distribution are different technologies. In the browser as the era of the Internet portal, search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO) is the most important development tool, and in the era of mobile applications, but there was no alternative tool (or similar tool) has yet to mature. In the two platforms transitional era, the existing Internet companies need to face the challenges is special and interesting. No risk, no return, those who are willing to, or adhering to the “traditional” company is bound to be eliminated by times. On the other hand, by the huge risk and may not be able to bring the same return, even opposite side effects). No risk prediction home or investors can guarantee success, but the following 10 key points, can undertake platform for enterprises in transition, provides a lot.

1. Design: the pure and fresh, clean and agile, simple

design plays an important role in the application. Every application in the design of the user’s love has four characteristics: fresh, clean and agile, simple. My partner. This is a simple and exact metaphor, as a mobile application, it is the ideal state, is to become an intelligent remote control to live and work. As hopes by remote control, mobile applications, besides should have sensitive response speed and pursuing a minimalist design style. Private travel application Uber is the best example: click on the button on the interface, users only need to search you need travel routes. In addition, there is no spare button Settings, even pay the function in the process of gently. Compared with the traditional websites rarely have this kind of “one-click” design way, for those who want to transition to the mobile platform of Internet companies, change the traditional design idea, the pursuit of the most concise, clean style, is crucial. Mobile terminal and by the border of a treasure land, is seen as a disadvantage of screen size, requires designers more focus and enterprise’s core business. In addition, the cost of a relatively high given the mobile network data (compared with the fixed broadband), complex UI tend to cost more traffic and the cache time, try to ask, even if such application to do better, and who are willing to use?

2. Function: focus on solving a problem

as an application, especially in the mobile application, its capacity is limited. In other words, a popular application must not “everything”. Many companies think they develop the function of the application of the more the better, but users love is the kind of solution to the “one to one”. Login application, solve the problem, after completion, the whole process is so pure and simple. A vast amount of nested function, can be to do not please painfully. For such as Facebook, yahoo has a strong function of Internet companies, they are most easily opinionated on this point, is not willing to give up in order to adapt to the particularity of mobile applications, and give up those rich but complicated function. In contrast, those in the single champion of a particular field, such as image sets, in the field of social carry baggage is not so heavy. They only focus on one basic problem, no matter how to change is not out of the core purpose of application. This is why applications such as Youtube, GoogleMaps, FacebookMessenger, Vine to separate from their parent company. In a word, the mobile application notice is direct, targeted solutions. Sword is far better than a tasks assigned to cut the steak, can open the Swiss army knife of red wine is better.

3. Keep it real: the complexity of the transition will be throughout the whole process of transformation

for the traditional Internet business to mobile application domain transformation is one is full of pain and the complexity of the process. On the one hand, they want to continue to maintain their own web services, on the other hand they must through continuous testing and development to adapt to different mobile platforms (iOS and Android), and related technical issues not just on their own internal can solve. In addition, because the mobile application design elements and network application there is a huge difference, thus the original web developers probably are not good at developing mobile applications. In the process of transformation, the enterprise needs to face countless challenges and difficulties, but this is like “chip” on the table, you can only bite a tooth to continue, and can’t choose the midway. However, due to the ingrained consciousness existing large Internet companies, the complex redundant resources, as well as the successful experience of previous, will slow down the pace of its transformation. So, the new company in the field of mobile applications, is likely to face greater complexity.

4. True: it is a smoke screen

there are a lot of developers, because there are various complexity, the mobile application and chose a some opportunistic method, the application of development based on the HTML language. They chose this blend of the Web application and the way of the development of mobile network, is the result of individual fluky psychology and eye shortsighted. This is based on the HTML language application is a set of the shell of a mobile application, is essentially a Web application. The consequences is dangerous because it for the easy operation of developers to regardless of the user experience. A vivid example of this is ESPN ScoreCente. ESPN ScoreCenter is a sports class software, can provide users with including news, scores, wonderful video, and so on. When you open this application, first of all, you can quickly and directly through the results of various sports events, but when you continue to hope for more data, you will find that he was cheated. After users click on view details, will find that the application of a nested page, only waiting for the page loading is completed, the user can get the corresponding information. To put it bluntly, this is a real mobile network application. As a world famous sports entertainment TV program website, is ESPN ScoreCenter development team, there is no ability to provide users with a real native iPhone applications?

5. Go to SEO, survival

mobile applications can appear more concise design style, the main reason is to remove the SEO (search engine optimization (SEO) process. Based on the design of the desktop Web, in order to be able to comply with the Google search structure, and have to make relevant optimization. Such as links, deep connections, structural classification is a Web application elements must be considered in the design. However, the advent of the era of mobile Internet, completely changed the situation. A lot of focus on mobile application startup from the start, there is no SEO. Twitter, for example, was because of lack of SEO this step and make their mobile applications become more direct and clear. Give up SEO, though, may let many companies lose the chance of exposure in the search engine, and even loss of users and traffic, can be used as a desktop Web era “past”, mobile applications will keep on to SEO survival.

6. Search: applications will replace search as mobile Internet portal

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