[American educational concept]

The United States is a big educational country and also an educational power and an American educational concept. It is a very complicated issue to discuss education in the United States. Since the United States is a culturally diverse country, it is reflected in its education and the education in the United States is diverse. The United States does not yet have a unified national education system. Fifty states have 50 different states Education system. In my opinion, what kind of educational practice and education system can a country and society have in its mainstream educational philosophy? There are many reasons that influence American education and form the education system and education pattern in the United States today. However, I think the most influential factor in American education is the educational concept. This notion of education is not just the theoretical system of education or educational theorists on education, nor is it written on paper or on paper, but is accepted by all the people in the United States government, political parties and the whole society The educational philosophy to be followed is something that goes deep into the minds of almost all people and is characterized by its extensiveness, depth and practicality.

First, education is a kind of faith. The Americans believe that no matter what position a person is in, there are two things that must be done and are accompanied by a lifetime of education and new religion. Education is parallel to religion and education is as important as religion. Americans attach importance to education and reach the same pious realm as religion. In 1620, the first European immigrants arrived in the Americas with the ship “Mayflower,” ashore now at Plymouth in Boston, Massachusetts. Today, a number of “1620” written on a stone at the time of going ashore is a memorial to this major event. At that time, the immigrants lived an arduous life. However, since 1620, the immigrants founded schools and teaching at the same time and founded Harvard University in 1636. Therefore, Harvard University teachers and students are very proud to say that the United States can not do anything , First Harvard, then the United States. Everywhere after Europe immigrated to the Americas, we must first do three things: first, to build a church. Most of these immigrants are Protestants who were persecuted by European religions. Building a church is one of the first things to be done. They think that there are The church, the spirit of the people have a destination, people have spiritual home. The second is to build schools. They think that schools are the source of enlightenment and the only way for a man to move from savage to civilized. Education can eliminate many malpractices in many humanities. Third, it is a post office building a bridge linking the outside world. In the past, the post office was an advantageous tool for people to contact the outside world and know the outside world. This idea has been deeply rooted in the people for a century and a half before the birth of the United States. Education and religion are also beliefs that have a very significant impact on education in the United States. Therefore, the understanding of the government and the people about education is not an activity that is carried out as a purely utilitarian purpose. People have a Religious piety.