[American educational concept] 2

Second, education is the pillars of the country and society. The United States and the U.S. government think that the United States is like a building that supports the building with three pillars. One is the government, and the U.S. government is divided into four levels: the federal government, the state government, and the county government (some are translated into “counties The concept of the U.S. government includes the three powers of administration, legislation and judicature. Usually, the three rights that we call the separation of powers belong to the government. As a country, a society can not become a state and a society without a government. The second is religion. Among the Americans, there are statistics that 9 of 10 people are religious and 1 is also religious. Among them, Christian Protestantism accounts for 57%, Catholicism 28%, Judaism 2%, and other religions , Believing in Protestant Protestantism, the United States being a country ruled by the rule of law and rule of the gods, and implementing the religious policy of separation of religion fromism and freedom of religion. Third, education, the United States complete educational system, sound system, each state has its own characteristics. In particular, there are nearly 4,000 different types of universities, private, public and ecclesiastical; the education of thirteen colonies has its own characteristics and scale before the birth of the United States of America; therefore, American education is naturally born Independence. Some people have commented on the university spirit that American universities adhere to: the university spirit that American universities adhere to is to make the university a place where human civilization can be preserved, become the place where wise men are trained, become the best school for the transmission of human spiritual resources and knowledge, and become A melting pot of ideas with independent character, full of creativity and innovation, has become a spiritual home that rejects vulgarity, upholds integrity and strives to use social ideology and spirit to call for social conscience and guide the society to move forward. As American education has become a unique and indispensable force in the United States and in the United States, the United States government and people all think that education has in fact become one of the three pillars of the country and society.