American CEO popularity rankings: Facebook zuckerberg first

recently, foreign media reported the American each big company employees for CEO’s approval rating. Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg ranks, apple CEO Tim cook’s ranking dropped to 18.

the employment information website grasso Glassdoor U.S. CEO approval ratings ranking in 2013 released by the Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg landed on the top.

to mark zuckerberg’s approval rating rose by 14% last year, compared to 99%. Analysis, according to Mr Zuckerberg’s ranking rose with the company’s share price fell last year, and the mutual trust between staff increase.

Glassdoor company said, “zuckerberg win the trust of the reason is that he is trying to create an open working environment for employees.” A Facebook a soft engineer said, “if you deal with additional responsibilities, or difficult to self-management, need strong leadership, then you might find it hard to work here happy.” While he was in the opinion of senior management personnel, added: “the hacker culture, pay attention to process and cooperation. Always for the world, choose the right thing.”

instead, last year ranked first apple CEO Tim cook slipped to the 18th. This is because although he was elected the new CEO, but does not necessarily lead to innovation.

in addition, SAP joint CEO bill? McDermott and Jim? Hargreaves, (2), qualcomm, Paul? Jacob (8), Google CEO larry page (11), and other people on the list. List only a lady was ranked 42nd, Victoria’s secret is CEO Sharon? Turney (Sharen Turney).

from: Glassdoor