America online distribution service provider ShopRunner alibaba investment

Beijing time on August 17 morning news, the Wall Street journal quoted sources as saying that alibaba group recently agreed to ShopRunner online delivery service for large investment in the United States. Arrive in services for two days, ShopRunner is one of amazon’s main rival.

sources said, as part of the investment, alibaba group, executive vice chairman Mr. Tsai will join ShopRunner’s board of directors. ShopRunner based in SAN mateo, California, the company for toys r us goods and RadioShack nearly 80 retailers provide unlimited service two days.

this is alibaba group in the past few months at least the second investment in electricity companies in the United States. In June, sports equipment e-commerce sites Fanatics on the total $170 million round of financing, and alibaba group participated in the investment. This round of financing of Fanatics valued at $3.1 billion. Similar to ShopRunner, Fanatics is Kynetic owned by the company.

, according to sources in the alibaba group and ShopRunner recent talks, discuss the amount of investment of about $70 million. What is not clear, however, the investment of the precise terms and conditions.

analysts believe that alibaba group is considering an IPO (initial public offering), and the market value would reach $70 billion. This will be one of the world’s largest IPO. Alibaba group spokesman declined to comment on the news.

source: sina science and technology