Amazon will launch television set-top boxes in the autumn

(editor: ma kai)

on April 25, Beijing time, according to bloomberg businessweek, amazon’s Lab126 r&d department is secretly developing a television set-top boxes, is expected to be the product will be for sale this fall.

reported that the television set-top box will become the next amazon key building hardware products. Amazon plans to the television set-top box and the video on the amazon platform, integration of music content, which compete with apple TV, Roku and Microsoft Xbox product.

at present, the user through the Roku, Boxee, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 amazon platform can on-demand video content. Venture capital firm DCM partner Jason Krikorian said: “the amazon itself with a rich selection of content, and has set up a huge pay user base, relying on the company’s good reputation, hardware products and excellent sales channels, and amazon’s launch television set-top boxes are expected to dominate the field.”