Amazon three months employees more than 10000 people, the total number of employees more than Microsoft

, in addition to the increase in revenue, loss narrowed, and a data worthy of our attention, it is understood that this online e-commerce giant in the past three months, were recruited 12800 new employees. You know, the amazon in the previous year to recruit the total of 28400 people.

so far, amazon’s total number of employees is close to 110000 people (109800) from A foreign science and technology media next message display, now has the amazon global total number of employees of more than Microsoft. However, when Microsoft to buy nokia case after the completion of the first quarter of next year, Microsoft will increase new 32000 employees (Microsoft’s existing staff of 99139 people).

so at the same time, amazon also didn’t slow down the pace of new talent. We found in the amazon recruitment web page, a total of 271 pages of recruitment information. One of the “plot” is very interesting: amazon’s Lab 126 recruitment process for eight hours at a time, but only interviewed nine people. At present, and 126 Lab of hiring still has as many as 185 vacancies on a page.