Amazon released two new Kindle Fire HDX: top configuration, the price is low, cost-effective power Nexus 7

according to foreign media reports, science and technology issued by the amazon today two called the Kindle Fire tablet HDX. In addition equipped with more powerful processors, more clear screen resolution, it is understood that the device of pure reading using time can take up to 17 hours, the highest reading in 8.9 “battery life for 18 hours).

hardware configuration is as follows:

7 inches the Kindle Fire HDX:

1920 x 1200 screen resolution, 323 ppi.
2.2 GHz quad core processor;
2 gb of RAM;

is about 8.89 mm thick, the weight is about 303 grams (a generation product thickness of 1.04 cm, the weight is about 394 grams).

8.9 -inch Kindle Fire HDX:

2560 x 1600 screen resolution, 339 ppi.

2.2 GHz quad-core processors, the performance of three times of the former generation;
2 gb RAM, 330 processor Adreno;

is about 7.87 mm thick, the weight is about 374 grams (the previous generation product thickness is 8.89 mm, weighing about 544 grams).

the main camera to 8 million pixels.

it is reported, 7 inches the Kindle Fire HDX sells for $229, 8.9 -inch Kindle Fire HDX sells for $379.

– depth customized Android 4.2

two Kindle Fire HDX will pick up the amazon system. The code-named Mojito system still is the depth of the castrated Google Play customized Android (Android 4.2).

new “Mayday” function, fast and convenient customer service

it is understood that the Kindle Fire HDX added a function called “Mayday”. User by clicking this button, can be in 15 seconds on the remote customer service support.

“Reading Mode” function can read display Mode – pure

the Kindle Fire HDX also added a new function called “Reading Mode”, allowing the user to shut down in addition to the pages of most of the functions, in addition, the user can also still open when Reading Quiet Time to close the notification, in order to reduce interference.

when asked when the original amazon Kindle Fire users launch a service system updates, amazon’s spokesman said: “at present, the company has not announced a specific time, but amazon will always provide users with updates for the first time.” Many users may refute this idea, but we hope the amazon will not leave the previous equipment and user in the corner of the wayside.

it is understood that both the Kindle Fire HDX has already started to accept reservations. 7 inch version of the device will launch on October 18, whereas version 8.9 -inch device to wait until November 7.

in addition, the generation of the Kindle Fire 7 inches HD will also be on sale after slightly to upgrade. 2 next month, consumers only need to pay $139, you can get the pick up the latest amazon system, screen resolution of 1280 x 800, built-in 1.5 GHz OMAP4 processor “old” equipment. Also, this equipment has also started to accept booking.