Amazon Q2 perfunctory: revenue up 22%, a net loss of $7 million

(translation: Tony)

according to amazon just released Q2 results show that sales rose 22% in the second quarter of the company, the total reached $15.7 billion (us $12.83 billion) over the same period last year. Amazon’s second-quarter net profit, though, is presented the accelerated decline, a net loss of $7 million, $0.02 per diluted share. It is reported that previously, analysts expectations of amazon is total revenue reached $15.74 billion, $0.05 per diluted share.

the company Q2 results also showed that the amazon in the second quarter earnings of $79 million, fell 26% year on year ($107 million) over the same period last year.

it is understood that in the second quarter of this year, amazon in science, technology and content of total spending as much as $1.59 billion, up 47% on a year-over-year basis, accounted for nearly 10% of the total revenue. Including amazon’s cloud services (AWS), the Internet technology became the focus of bezos.

as one of the world famous electric company, in the amazon in the same market occupies the absolute advantage. Recently, however, amazon is obvious to the “terminal + service” “apple” business model transformation. Bezos proudly said: “we are very happy to see that amazon’s Kindle series products, and we have established the digital content of ecological system, broadly welcomed by the users. I found on amazon sales top ten products in the first quarter, both for the Kindle series equipment and related digital content products.”

when it comes to the amazon appstore, bezos confidently said: “the Kindle Store will provide users with a series of more excellent service. At present in the amazon, users can enjoy the exclusive 250000 application (books, video, applications). While registered members can through streaming service (Prime Instant Video), enjoy the exclusive Video more than 40000 members, such as “tang’s estate”, “under heaven”. In addition, we also the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited (KindleFire provide children with an entertainment application platform) has added more than 1000 kinds of health and interesting applications. Including the secretary, games, education, the types of movies, TV shows, etc.

amazon is “lead” in this quarter. First is at the end of the quarter, acquired social reading application Goodreads, which currently has 2 million members. Then amazon will invite (a screen technology company. Not only that, the electricity giant also actively expand the international market, their tentacles extend to countries such as India.

amazon’s other new dynamic include: to extend its food fresh express service to Los Angeles and San Francisco, gift trading services based on the Facebook platform, opened a 3 d printing shop online, and amazon will launch 3 d screen smartphone rumors.