Amazon, how to build your own empire of mobile Internet

mobile electricity industry is experiencing explosive growth in the United States, as electricity giant amazon came out to share a piece of cake. But when amazon aimed at the mobile market, its ambitions are no longer limited to the electricity industry.

market research firm BI Intelligence in a recent report is to count the amazon mobile strategic ambitions, and the rumours of the potential influence of smartphones and amazon amazon become the potential of mobile advertising bosses are individually analyzed.

the following for the report summary:

tablet sales:

amazon Kindle tablet and Android tablets in the third quarter of last year sales surge. May be in early September last year the new Kindle Fire tablet and 7 “the trumpet, the influence of the Kindle launch, including electronic reader, the Kindle shipments in the third quarter of last year growth of 104%. Amazon’s tablet products price is very competitive, even if the Nexus and the release of the mini, didn’t also can reduce its sales.

software sales:

the amazon app store has been fuelled the Kindle Fire will be a great success. Software developers through the platform to earn profits and almost as much as apple’s iOS platform. Although Google Google Play has a large number of users, but its real income generated in the United States is not higher than the Amazon Amazon Appstore. It is reported that apple executives worry that amazon USES iTunes type management, will lead to their goods than other businesses with stronger competitiveness. Based on the previous successful cases, amazon convince software developers to amazon mobile applications should not be too much of an issue.

media product sales:

the Kindle Fire in the best understand consumer psychology, interactive product can promote almost all of amazon’s product sales. The Kindle ecosystem including e-books (Kindle application), music (Amazon MP3), movies, TV shows (Amazon Prime), and application. In July last year, almost 50 million americans through smart phones to access the amazon website. In the United States, more than 86 million smartphone users password retailers or mobile station, this means that 47% of U.S. smartphone users access to the amazon’s web sites and applications. In this appeal is second only to the amazon eBay, it has 33 million visitors, accounted for 31% of the total amount.

smartphone sales:

amazon will continue to push forward the development of the smartphone platform. This project is the industry the development to discuss, but amazon has not officially confirmed. However, by the amazon’s some acquisitions can see clue. In July last year, the amazon to buy 3 d map service startup UpNext; The 2011 acquisition of speech recognition technology company Yap. However, the biggest problem is whether it has the ability to create and management platform and will develop with the platform of hardware products.

mobile advertising:

the amazon has the potential to become a huge power mobile advertising. Data is the lifeblood of online advertising, and amazon have this aspect of the assets. The company not only have the data of consumer shopping habits, and also have recommended product data, and these data will affect consumer buying decision.

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