Amazon CEO bezos: if you have different opinion, employees have an obligation to question

recently, bloomberg businessweek featured a long abstract, The content is mainly about The American writer Brad Stone (Stone), Brad forthcoming book “Everything stores: Jeff Bezos and times (The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and The Age of Amazon). The abstract of article 10 page range extremely wide, covers the birth course of amazon to bezos biological father — the father was obviously don’t know son set up such a big company. The article also introduced some of the amazon’s internal operation details, including bezos leadership team, once called it “S group” in the reports.

opposed “social cohesion”

Stone cited amazon retail business director Jeffrey Wilke comment. In the description of Wilke, amazon is “a company closely around bezos will… As is Jeff bezos) to play all kinds of ideas to build the platform.” However, in the Stone, amazon not everywhere embodies the cohesion. He wrote: “the amazon’s achievement talents tend to be in a confrontational grew up in the atmosphere and the friction.” Stone added, “bezos don’t like” social cohesion “and the like, the human nature to seek common cognition is not for its xi.” Stone also pointed out that the amazon released leadership principles is “conflict”, and to emphasize the following rules:

“for leadership decision, such as there are different opinions, employees have an obligation to question their own courteously, in spite of this question might be uncomfortable or let a person tired.”
“leader should be firm faith, perseverance, will not easily compromise in order to seek common. Once a decision, then threw herself into her work.”

temper and direct bezos
Stone shape bezos is a slightly irritable and direct leader. Stone is prominent in his biography describes several conflict situation in daily work. In conflict situations, bezos asked subordinates’ do I need to bring the ‘I am the CEO’ proof in front of you, to make you stop badgering on this issue?” . In another description, bezos sitting in comment on the engineer’s report, “why do you want to waste my time (in) life?”

bloomberg businessweek’s abstract to read is really fascinating, Stone appears the bezos biography is likely to hit a best-selling record. Everything stores: Jeff bezos and time will be put on sale on October 15, interested readers may wish to booking to the amazon website.


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“The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and The Age of Amazon, now in The Amazon (China) to support booking, details please see The Amazon (us)