Amazon app store in China low-key launch the Kindle into China not far away

on May 5, hunting cloud network news

the reader to hunt cloud network revealed that, amazon low-key launch the amazon app store in China.

hunting cloud network login, found that amazon’s app store contains the current domestic popular hot application, the user can install the amazon appstore to own an Android phone or tablet, then through amazon account to download all kinds of applications.

the amazon app store allow developers to create applications through amazon’s cloud service platform AWS and games, including a list, games, achievement, a friend request, and can provide Whispersync technology such as the cloud synchronization GameCircle services, this will help developers to easily complete the cross-platform development.

the personage inside course of study, according to the analysis of the app store listed show further the Kindle into China, amazon is likely to put a complete set of hardware, service and content industry chain moved into China.

after the media reported that amazon is clear channels of a third party, this is for the Kindle into China staged a prelude. Clear channels of third-party is one of the chapters; Kindle Paperwhite release new firmware to support amazon bookstore and push in China, is one of the chapters; Some older, Kindle bookstore in the amazon China quietly launched late last year also.

the Kindle as close to the Chinese market, the existing, the growth of the spontaneous, how many are related to piracy of domestic Kindle ecosystem, the greater the impact. Transformation, or to shut down, it is a choice.