Amazon and see SINS: writing before a major war

the author: arsenic comments (WeChat ID: ShenP)

on Friday night, in jie has a faint morphology and cloud and swallowed the last roast large kidneys, with small arsenic tell a key words: original sin.

what is the cause of the last Monday in a less obvious express: “the amazon appstore refused to see more reading”, little arsenic and immediately think of a more senior tough response to apple’s app store, and finally let apple stores again read read, can’t help but admire, can play hard with apple, the more the article is the warrior. Small arsenic think, due to our experience, the most also what will not be a big deal, pull pull eggs are included. Only to plummet by Thursday situation, kebab stalls news, amazon to play off of, see negotiations and amazon is expected to be collapsed.

the east elder brother didn’t show a message on the phone, but the cold tone let little arsenic suddenly heat away, because of the feeling, the other end is clearly in the teeth.

no matter more to read, or amazon the kindle , are related to books. The industry also when it’s over, first hanwang, led by the domestic popular e-book hardware enterprises, grand careful layout with content advantage into later, once the jaw-dropping. Three years ago at the time of shaoxing, zhou always carrying a the with small arsenic said: “plan couldn’t catch up with change, the a whole became a bullshit, also in the future is bound to reframe the ecological relationship of the industry.” Material, and things were not weeks headquarter and from the upstream, apple IOS half unbreakable, amazon the Kindle a complete hardware and content platform activation the ebook market in the United States (note is the United States), the other to go over a cup of tea first.

as for the Chinese side, the amazon in the earliest Chinese “radio equipment permits”, a hardware is wifi unit generation time is 2010 , 5 month. This is the the Kindle really mature generation products, also from the wifi unit start, quickly emerged a group of fans in China, they ask from overseas act as purchasing agency, or go to zhongguancun buy gray, a rough estimate of zhongguancun it out in a few years 100 more than ten thousand units. And experience, from product quickly added the users outside of the people, and even a certain permeability.

it is interesting to note that there has been no operating system in Chinese amazon the kindle , after bought by consumers must brush system problems, then please hold your breath, disputes played one of the leading role of see finally to today.

look is a technology company, was founded in the 2010 , 2 month, digital reading project is one of its business, including more reading software ( the Kindle and for Android ), and IOS singles app ebook. Inside this with amazon the Kindle have relations, it is this see the Kindle system, regardless of the amazon welcome or not, or not to welcome or not, see the system in the the Kindle on the installed base of share 90% above, firmly in the the Kindle in China.

clean cloud said while chewing, estimates that amazon and have more communication, but in the habit of foreign enterprises, after all, he was not great. Amazon is definitely think more system actually invade the amazon, although flash are in zhongguancun, small arsenic the underground layer of the kind of places they completed the study. This is from the beginning to grow in the “original sin” of the heart.

small arsenic in want to another aspect, the amazon’s success lies in paperback. The release mechanism of the United States is on the first hardcover book, a book 25 dollars, a year after the paperback book, 10 $. Amazon broke the pattern, 10 $sync ebooks, the user is willing to choose e-books, but there is a problem, amazon does not to finish the book.

“finishing” amazon does not do is more have been doing. Dong told little arsenic: before “text, images, layout and so on is almost pure manual, each a high-quality goods ebook that is can trigger word-of-mouth product.” Do not rule out the suspected bragging, but the more high-quality goods strategy is successful. Small arsenic understanding once, see its resources platform, and also is to read more books, to make high-quality goods of e-books as the main business, boutique book stock more than five thousand copies, annual production capacity of more than twenty thousand copies, on books to pin rate more than 80% , paper book is electricity rate of 4 times or so.

we regardless of what amazon facing dangdang, resource advantage, and so on in Chinese books, even for the same amount of advantages, in the high-quality goods reading make amazon enough headache, amazon and more in this area make up the direct competition. When the content of the ebook there are many versions of the same time, the direction of the consumer must be offset on the high-quality goods. See reading ten visits currently paying customers, you know, in more than a year ago after paying users less than thirty thousand, which does not include small arsenic, then small arsenic haven’t the Kindle .

the key lies in the contradiction of the more system in the the Kindle on the installed base of share, 90% and above, the data is put aside in the past, may be help the Kindle into China, because at that time, amazon does not have its own system in Chinese, also can’t tube business in China. But now the Kindle wants to enter China again build hardware + the contents of the empire, but found that although the hardware is their own, but platform has been firmly in the hands look.

the Kindle sell, the more see more system have a say, has since.

we think about it, see where the system will recommend books resources? Amazon’s maybe is you? Again, in turn, think, see you are robbed of the family business, can also consider the somebody else’s app store from your APP ?