Ali’s new LOGO and release than the letter “a little”

“mommy said, this man with people, most of the time difference is a little!”

this afternoon, alibaba’s IM products and released their new LOGO , it was interesting to this edition of the new LOGO abandoned the previous color and design, color and WeChat same green, but also with WeChat on design style is very similar, only in the circle of dialogue than WeChat “a little more.

is alibaba’s new mobile IM products, a month ago, alibaba group CEO has offered $100000 and options, called on the group internal employees push is wide, and said “who is likely to be most friends get rewards”. According to the main safety, intimate acquaintances social, its main burn after reading, cluster and other features.

netizens think, this time with “three funnies” LOGO is more beautiful than ever, “ three point one line better”; Others think both LOGO illustrates the different gender with, “WeChat is female, and is male”; But there are Internet users to the new LOGO did not agree with the , believe that there is a “black”, “shanzhai”. Have to associate with the IM fight between micro letter full of expectation, think “between the local tyrants and people are a little less so now, is a bit to see call gild the lily or make the finishing point”.

the personage inside course of study thinks, the correspondence of the so-called “little bit” more pointed, current WeChat privacy security issues have been criticized for people, many users also because their own WeChat account privacy and cause unnecessary trouble. “ and will secure private as the leading core challenge micro letter, also be prepared”.