Alibaba ShopRunner sword refers to amazon in the United States logistics providers

ShopRunner , America online retail logistics service provider, it is amazon’s main rival. According to the Wall Street journal, reliable sources, alibaba group will invest ShopRunner .

the two sides have discussed the preliminary agreement, the investment amount about 7000 $, alibaba won ShopRunner minority stakes, alibaba’s many retailers before if you need to use ShopRunner two days of service need to pay monthly 79 every yuan fee, and after that they will enjoy the service free of charge. The investment is very important for alibaba, a series of investment in its recent proved that alibaba hope can be in competition with amazon.

this is a pretty good start, the investment is also very interesting, this is China’s largest e-commerce company, for the second time and ShopRunner the incumbent President, yahoo, before the CEO Scott Thompson cooperation.

it is well known that Thompson keep leaving yahoo, for his resume the endless debate force he had to leave the Internet giant. He is in office, yahoo and alibaba, complete trading one of the main makers. When the stake sold, yahoo has obtained the huge rewards, Thompson left, yahoo also announced the deal without any problems. This also let yahoo’s new her office after big cash in hand, and contributed to her crazy purchase plan, and completed a large-scale stock repurchase plan.

these deals, as alibaba the next IPO continue to rise, this is the main factor that drove up shares of yahoo, though its core business development still lags behind.

although some argue that yahoo shares sold to alibaba too early, but it is easy to be ignored is the relationship between them is subtle and how yahoo itself investment environment. With alibaba’s trading is yahoo really stabilize a positive signal.

there is no doubt, especially for alibaba, Thompson we should be more trust, into a trade is also a good choice. After leaving yahoo, his attitude has kept a low profile, but now, when large amounts of cash flow from alibaba ShopRunner , Thompson and ShopRunner may become high-profile.