Alibaba layout Quixey mobile search led mobile application search engine

mobile search engine Quixey said on Thursday that the company has won a $50 million fund again, the money from alibaba led. Quixey three rounds of financing of the total amount is $74 million.

Quixey, chief executive of Tomer Kagan, said although the company’s service at present is mainly as a way to search a mobile application, but the new money will help the company towards a broader goal – let the services become a way of search application content. Quixey was founded in 2009.

Quixey current search engine, the main design purpose is to help people find the right application, people can search by keywords.

Quixey search services through its own website, but most of the traffic from the partners, including carriers such as Sprint, and using the technology of multiple browsers and operating systems.

but Kagan hope that the future Quixey after the search engine will be installed in a series of applications for the search query, and users no longer need one by one to check the installation of a variety of applications.

Kagan considered, the user should not even be for mobile phone installed in 50 or 100 applications.

source: sina science and technology