Alibaba group’s strategic investment outbound travel community poor them

alibaba group announced on July 16, strategic investments in Chinese tourist information and poor them () online value-added service providers. But alibaba does not release amount of capital contribution.

alibaba that poor 9 you can travel for taobao to provide quality outbound tourism products and services and content, allows users to choose from, and the balance between and among price, time, place and to find the most suitable for their own airfare and hotel. For taobao travel form of share, tourism decision-making and tourism products, such as travel booking services, has a great role in promoting.

poor them, founded in 2004, through a travel assistant, BBS, q&a, destination, tips kits and other core products, to provide effective travel outbound users advice and information, is China’s largest outbound tourism community. At present, the poor 9 has nearly 10 million users, activated users nearly 5 million mobile end, in which a single exit time more than 1 week of users more than 92%, and there is a clear outbound travel plan to 99% of users.

China’s tourism market is facing a rapid growth, especially the online travel market boom. according to rival consultancy and comScore data, China’s current in the tourism market scale of about a quarter in the United States, but China’s growth rate is more than 2 times in the United States, the market potential is tremendous. Boston consulting group (BCG) according to the report, in 2013, the China will surpass Japan to become the world’s second largest tourism market, the scale of nearly 2 trillion yuan. with outbound tourism market will grow faster than the overall growth, predicts 2020, outbound tourism market value will reach 28.3% of the total travel market.

unlike domestic travel, outbound tourism, particularly in the information asymmetry of acquiring through community consumer utility, effective outbound tourism information needs more intense and urgent. ali this cooperation will help seize this market opportunity, perfect the overseas travel market layout.

in January this year, ali group of integrated tourism business department set up air travel, so far, taobao travel has become one of the main competitors of China’s online travel market and the largest one-stop buy tourism commodity search platform, as early as 2011, taobao travel volumes have over billions mark, at present, taobao has more than 800 travel IATA certification of aviation enterprise sellers, 100000 can reserve hotel, 100000 ten thousand tourism commodity information, ctrip, elong, with cheng, donkey mother travel sites such as also all.

the evaluation idea of taobao travel has the advantage of trading, and poor them has formed a good community, the two sides have complementary advantages to their respective business development play a positive role, cooperation of both sides will be able to provide better one-stop travel abroad experience, form tourism deal + community loop combination, meet the demand of users the differentiation of tourism services.