Ali skyworth reached a strategic cooperation, a total of pushing the first Internet TV products

9 on 10 day, alibaba and skyworth jointly held a press conference in Beijing, jointly launched the first Internet TV product of cooperation, namely carry ali TV blessed system of operating system and skyworth skyworth cool open and , and will be in the 10 officially on sale in September. At the same time the two sides announced that it will achieve further cooperation in the field of Internet TV, TV products and comprehensive integration of Internet service, a new experience for the user to create intelligent life together.

leaves skyworth cool in the morning and formal appearance, the first pick up ali TV the operating system and skyworth blessed system of Internet TV products. In skyworth cool open and , consumers will be able to experience the ali TV the operating system and skyworth blessed system of all functions, including secure payment, electricity business shopping, life expends and game entertainment, all this will make people intelligent life experience in the future.

the personage inside course of study thinks, the ali to be a partner with skyworth TV, the Internet means that the fusion of electric business pay ali TV operating system have the approval of the television industry. Ali TV the operating system, through access to pay treasure to solve the payment problem of TV platform, perfect fusion of TV and electricity, will impact the single function of traditional TV industry. As partners to join ceaselessly, ali TV change in operating system or become TV pioneer, has prompted the industry transition.

breakthrough: Internet TV has more exciting

according to the China the audio-visual new media development report (2013) “, points out that the traditional TV media industry is new media. Only in Beijing, for example, in the Beijing area television machine from 3 years ago 70% 30% and the mainstream television for 40 over the age of the crowd.

the cause of this phenomenon lies in the development of traditional TV industry in the long-term stagnation. While in product appearance and technical progress continuously updated, but from the product function, TV products and there is no difference between ten years ago, is still watching video programming platform. As the impact of the intelligent equipment, many vendors have also launched with intelligent operating system Internet TV, but still in its form, based on the function of TV platform, application is very rare.

skyworth cool open and carry by ali TV system, operating system and skyworth bliss will make breakthrough on Internet TV realization function, let the use of the Internet TV experience more exciting.

first is in the TV platform access alipay system, solved the payment problem on TV, to provide users with convenient and safe mode of payment. based on this characteristic, ali TV operating system with bargain shopping platform, can provide consumers with rich shopping function, also introduce the alipay, water and electricity coal expends TV platform, users never leave home can complete the payment, eliminating the specially run to the business hall queue time and energy.

second ali TV the operating system can support more practical more screen interactive experience, the phone’s screen, and even more screen through the television screen, allowing users to experience the fun of the screen to interact more. Ali TV the smartphone application form a complete set of operating system to launch, can let the user’s smart phone, turns into a remote control for TV for various operations. Between mobile phone and television also can realize the exchange of multimedia content, users of mobile phone pictures, video, can be directly on the TV screen.

benign system: intelligent TV shape

in 7 TV operating system release, ali, announced that it will be based on the system, joint TV industry, from all over the building intelligence TV ecological alliance. As the concept of the initiator, alibaba’s goal is to through the ecology and provide positive cycle system for TV industry.

as an ecosystem, is certainly not enough just rely on ali herself, ali TV provided by the operating system is a basic platform, also need more partners to join in order to improve the ecosystem. Previously, carrying ali TV box products have been officially on sale of the operating system, multiple chip makers also said that will be more in-depth cooperation with ali.

now, skyworth, let based on ali TV operating system TV ecological alliance into shape. System platform, chip products, video broadcast platform and hardware manufacturers to form a closed loop, in this cycle, the advantages of all parties, and through mutual cooperation, to achieve maximum efficiency.

analysts point out that skyworth became the first join ali TV operating system, Internet TV makers for ali and skyworth, is a win-win event. Through cooperation, skyworth to its TV product combined with the Internet, the television industry transition to occupy advantage; Ali and have a strong partner, preliminary build smart TV ecological prototype of the alliance, to TV industry’s other potential partners to form more attractive.