Ali phone announced to build smartphone ecosystem: three key points

alibaba announced at a conference today ali phone new business strategy. Alibaba said it would use platform, open way, around the mobile phone operating system, for the terminal mobile phone manufacturers, operators, hardware manufacturers, design companies, developers, such as building a new set of benign ecosystem.

a few points in alibaba’s new strategy:

, alibaba except for cooperation manufacturers provide mobile phone operating system, will supply electricity to partners. This means that alibaba will help partners by electricity sales mobile phones and provide data support.


, ali will give loading ali cloud system of mobile phone manufacturers share the profits. Goal this year is benefiting each month, profit-sharing 1 yuan, next year for 2 element. In addition, increasing carriers, will launch 0 element.

3 , according to the 1 point, taobao launched cloud mobile phone channel. Mobile phone manufacturers can be realized through the cloud mobile phone channel C2B model.