Ali, open “so”

the author: Hao Zhiwei

so, see nature, discern the truth, the legendary fight against Buddha and the Buddha mountain lion is invincible because of it, at the beginning, a new named after its own mobile client, it is for which he has great expectations.

there is no doubt that ali need entry, external flow into its own electricity ecology, with fresh blood iterative update, can avoid closed and lose energy. Under this logic, “so” arises at the historic moment, by calling the phone camera functionality, bar code scanning, online shopping, logistics query… The user guide, ali.

it’s a pity, “I see” and similar App has the upper hand, and “will” to attract more users also comes from the tao, just stick to the old flow, and lack of ali core expectations, then a clattering function are built into the tao is all kinds of App, also can’t change the situation, but is to use the accumulation of the increase of frequency and related data. “So” to become a real entry must also find their own the right direction.

today, so is out of the tao, dominated by ali wireless department. Recently, ali inside words, so will be from a single App on a combination of hard and soft soft open avenue, open to the hardware and software vendors through the SDK (development kit), and support external hardware manufacturers and App developers to direct call. And in recent days, a civilian mobile phone brands will release a new phone, will be “will” directly into the camera application.

at present, the smartphone has become the extension of human organs, “so” just can match with the camera, as the people of the third eye, the connection of offline and online “the brain”, lets users perceive more and find out more.

remember that “hao123”? In the words of for bosses, who look down on the shabby page, but not tense broadband guy set it for every household, called to provide users with convenient, as a result, it becomes the multitudinous users perceive Web world of mediation, so far – this is the power of the channel.


in the year before last, smart phones, and pack up, say for the App market, large gray flash phone service into avenue, accomplished the moment how many famous App store and the App, mobile phone users to connect to and intelligent application in heart – this is the power of the channel.

when the “will” completely open, use ready-made to strengthen recognition, image recognition to attract the user’s preferred features such as hardware and software players, give them a reverse O2O (Offline to Online) the idea of space, natural open channel pathway. “” will be channel quickly boomed, become a portal entry will be difficult?

on the other hand, many channels and “will” provide vast amounts of data, ali do deep data mining. Not to, can enter camera, let equipment intelligently in auxiliary decision, judge the user intent and feedback corresponding services, to provide extra pleasure…… So play of human nature, have new external flow not knock on ali? When Matthew effect appeared, “so” will be far more than tens of millions of barcode data now, 1 billion taobao commodity data can give imagination.

if, all can not make life convenient technology, are all play rascal. Then in the same way, all cannot leave the function of the open line App, is my house, I’m afraid. So, the training of the intelligent tool will also have to think, after all, not every family can like sogou, for bosses “soap”.