Ali mother began arriving this month return order “abnormal” commission

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ali mother’s taobao union foreign said today that will be starting this month, the partial will be the history of “abnormal orders” promotion fee (commission), commonly known as taobao guest, directly back to the seller through paying treasure. Ali gave explanation is that through the platform technology upgrading, effectiveness of past orders and improper promotion do trace identification, to enhance the experience of businesses and consumers.

as early as June 27, taobao union issued announcement, said it would commission refund to the seller with regard to the sellers to collect and to have this problem.

it is understood that this part of the “abnormal” orders commission including taobao guest deal failed to deduct commission, and promote the proceeds from taobao guest violations. Don’t need to deduct this part of the commission union of technical services, directly returned to the seller the payment of all commissions. Previously, there are media reports that some taobao guest was “freeze” a cause of commission. Ali mother general manager Wang Huaceng response, union has in processing, will return this part to freeze funds to the seller, but he gave no specific total freeze funds.

“ali mother responsibility and obligation to purify the network marketing market, institutional leak fill a vacancy, upgrade technical innovation, don’t let people with bad are given so as to effectively protect the interests of businesses and consumers, promote the healthy development of the whole network marketing market.” Wang hua said that taobao guest whole into is expected to more than 5 billion throughout the year this year, in addition to the existing taobao guest promotion mode, ali mother this year through various means to encourage taobao guest mode innovation, promote the development of the Internet network marketing.

ali mama said, sellers can login pay treasure to see specific details and amount. Technology upgrading, at the same time, along with system platform in the future to realize automatic monthly will return invalid promotion commission order to correspond to the seller, such as trading in August and September 20, settlement, November returned to produce abnormal orders in August.

here is June 27, taobao union issued a notice:

dear seller:

2013 ali mother will continue to improve the user experience of businesses and consumers. Through the platform technology upgrades, we have the validity of the previous taobao guest commission and abnormal recognition, and so on and so forth again. We will be starting in July 2013 of abnormal order batch history system identification to the commission, back to the corresponding to the seller, the commission will be paid directly into the seller commission pay treasure account, then please login pay treasure to see specific details and amount.

the follow-up system will achieve monthly return commission to correspond to the seller automatically invalid promotion order, please pay attention to the corresponding seller pay treasure account.

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on June 27, 2013,