Age limit on Facebook users who is it?

how popular Facebook? Recently, foreign technology media reported Mashable, Eddie, sarkozy maier (Edythe Kirchmaier) lady, with a 105 – year – old, became so far one of the oldest Facebook users.

sarkozy Ms. Maier, was born in 1908, as early as during the first world war, she has been involved in refugee relief activities. In the past 40 years, she has been committed to philanthropy.

at the end of last year, in order to let more people to join her volunteer service (charity), sarkozy Ms. Maier registered a Facebook account. On Facebook, she called on other users, and hope to Like the page number more than 105000 times. A delight, on January 22nd, sarkozy is Ms. Maier 105th birthday, the day of the page is Like the number of more than 123000 times.

a lot of people are the old man, for many years in charity behavior. When they learned that sarkozy Ms. Maier because his car is too old, to successfully achieve the headquarters is located in Santa Barbara an anonymous person unexpectedly gave her a new Honda Civic, Honda Civic) cars.