Again for trademark infringement, Microsoft SkyDrive will be altered

according to foreign media reports on The Web of science and technology, recently, The British high court finally ruled that Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud services, has The broadcaster (British sky broadcasting) constitute a trademark infringement. This means that the SkyDrive will likely be forced to change its name.

in June this year, the British high court judge Justice Asplin ms Sue Microsoft SkyDrive, alleged violation BSkyB “Sky” registered trademark. As the defendant, Microsoft said at the time mentioned above.

however, since Microsoft has the name to temporarily use SkyDrive, abandon the appeal. Although Microsoft agreed with the British high court ruled that can be renamed specific deadline is still unknown.

bskyb said: “we are pleased to see Microsoft accepted the court’s decision. Future BSkyB will remain on high alert, resolutely against those without permission, and unauthorized use of our registered trademark infringement.”

despite the defeat in the court, but in a statement, Microsoft still reflects oneself as far as possible consistent gentleman poise: “happy, Microsoft can reach a settlement with BSkyB for trademark infringement. Although SkyDrive name will change soon, but we still will, as always, to provide users with the best experience.”

clearly, the success of Microsoft SkyDrive have no direct relationship with the its name. Can be used as a lasted for 6 years, and was widely known as cloud services, users are now suddenly returned a verdict of infringement, this let a person feel a bit of a tragedy.

in fact, this is not the first time that Microsoft was ruled by the court of trademark infringement, after the company called “Metro” interface design, also has been accused of infringing a German company (Metro AG, Metro co.) the rights and interests, later renamed. Microsoft, however, the “rival”, is a has always been afraid of BSkyB – trademark infringement lawsuit.

so far, we don’t know why the name SkyDrive will be replaced. But a spokesman for Microsoft said: “the SkyDrive in new name will be used to take care of to use.”