After marriage in Microsoft, huawei will continue to have Windows Phone devices

in Microsoft with 72 $to buy nokia’s main business, as China’s leading telecommunications equipment maker, huawei recently said will continue to research and development production based on Windows Phone system of smartphone.

huawei yu, head of the European market ( Richard Yu ) told the Wall Street journal, huawei and Microsoft will continue to keep the relationship between strategic partners: “we will continue to research and development for Windows Phone device, and try to introduce more (quality) of the product. “

although, despite the acquisition of nokia, but Microsoft will authorize other manufacturers to Windows Phone . the industry generally, though, since Microsoft has teamed up with nokia, misused, other vendors may face in its Windows Phone ecosystem at a disadvantage. Some media even think that, even if Microsoft is willing to continue to authorize, but which would like to apply for the authorization?

so China for this assertion is a real fillip: Microsoft’s mobile phone hardware manufacturers ecosystem will continue to exist, at least, huawei will follow up. Although in WP ecosystem, huawei is just a tiny role (nokia an exclusive 80% more WP market, other companies are essentially small role).

huawei’s most smartphones with android system, but the company launched a carrying Windows Phone system equipment Huawei Ascend W1 .