After cut 20% of MOTOROLA once again cut 10% of a new generation of products launch date is still pending

Google acquisition MOTOROLA last year, the first is “cleaning” job cuts. 20% staff, that is, 4000 people were fired.

but Google clearly thinks clean enough. According to the Wall Street journal, Google is owned by MOTOROLA in the second round of layoffs, this one will involve 10% staff, about 1600 a MOTOROLA employees will lose their jobs.

layoffs substitution, sell assets, withdraw some unable to maintain the market… This is Google acquisition MOTOROLA after a series of operations. But the real core of change – innovative competitive product, has not been seen.

2013 , 2 on and , CFO in the public lecture “accidentally” revealed that Google dissatisfaction with the present situation of MOTOROLA: MOTOROLA’s upcoming products “short of innovation and change of level of Google, not amazing”. Over the past 18 months the , MOTOROLA will not be able to reach the standard Google, this is the current Moto .

on the market has been circulated MOTOROLA is to build a “ Xphone “rumors, but this kind of mobile phone configuration details, when listed are in the haze. It is not clear cannot let Google CFO satisfied MOTOROLA’s upcoming New product, is the Xphone .

but one thing is very clear, if we can only continue to layoffs, sell assets to reduce losses, MOTOROLA’s future will be very pessimistic. Only amazing product to market, can save the old-line mobile manufacturers.