Advertisements, iTunes Radio much like traditional FM Radio music?

looking forward to for a long time of iTunes Radio will be officially launched in September this year, these days, rarely reported in the press, apple launched the streaming music service. Today, however, an article about iTunes Radio will add in play such as fast food advertising message, once again let it return to public view.

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the company recently signed an agreement with a dozen sponsors, allowing them in iTunes was added in the Radio advertising. That is to say, iTunes Radio will like traditional FM Radio music, advertisements in service. Apple is, however, has carried on the limits to the specific number of slots, advertisers every 15 minutes can play an audio advertising, every one hour can play a video ads.

it is understood that the iRadio first sponsors, most of them are international first-line brand, including procter & gamble (P& G), McDonald’s, PepsiCo, and nissan, etc. In addition, apple promised the sponsors, they will be on iTunes Radio released the first year, industry exclusive advertising rights (that is to say, on iTunes Radio for the first year will not be the same with the above 12 companies advertising).

iTunes Radio is a similar to Pandora Radio online music services. It according to your list of songs, and promote music automatically for the user. Some people think this can’t choose their songs, and in the process of listening to advertisements, and pay attention to the interaction and experience of the digital age.

the industry analysis, if iTunes Radio is very popular, so the advertising will bring huge advertising revenue to apple. While companies such as Facebook to grab a lot of mobile advertising market share, but apple is still a (iAd).

however, John gruber (his Daring Fireball, a big fan), points out that if the user pay iTunes Match (apple’s iTunes music cloud synchronization service), then will be able to enjoy the ad-free version of iTunes Radio service.

it is understood that in this year’s WWDC Apple conference announced that iTunes Radio will be officially released in early September, and will log in iOS, Apple TV, Windows 7 and Mac OS X multiple platforms.