Acquisition of speech recognition/translation companies, Facebook dream barrier-free communication around the world

recently, Facebook search one of the architects, the current Facebook product management director Tom stowe’s (Tom Stocky) announced that they have acquired a voice recognition and translation company.

official in stowe’s personal blog:

“while Facebook users worldwide has more than 1 billion, but we always hope to have more people, through Facebook for communication with others. Speech recognition technology has become one of the important ways of people operating mobile devices and network, involved in the technology, will help Facebook to realize its grand dream “.

it is understood that the called “Mobile Technologies” start-up, has set up for 12 years, has been committed to the development of voice recognition and translation techniques. The company developed the world’s first mobile phone application – Jibbigo voice translation. The emergence of this should be changed the original pattern in the field of translation software, and is widely applied in areas such as education, travel, and humanitarian activities. In addition, MT is also the first for the education industry in the world, providing automation, simultaneous interpretation service.

although we don’t know Facebook acquisition of the company’s specific purpose, however, stowe said, this is going to be one of their long-term strategy. This may mean that social giants are ready to develop a based on speech recognition technology of communication tools (similar to Skype), or with respect to the manner of the original text social powerful supplement.

according to the report, Mobile Technologies, after the takeover, most of the team members will join Facebook’s headquarters in menlo park.

today, speech recognition technology has been more and more become each big Internet companies promising niche market. In addition to the previous voice helper classes based on the above should have Siri and Google Now, text to speech translator application are also aroused people’s attention. Not long ago, hunting cloud network reported.