According to Reuters, due to funding situation deteriorates, HTC has already started to cut the production line

the following for Reuters reported the main content:

“the source said that Taiwan smartphone manufacturer HTC has been shut down at least one of the four main production line. It is understood that due to the company’s cash flow problems, the original factory responsible for nearly one 5 HTC production, has been shut down, and the related task outsourcing.”

a Reuters reporter found that when they visit HTC taoyuan factory for loading port has been closed, and general office doors are closed, that read: “temporarily closed, thank you for your cooperation.”

in an interview with Reuters, HTC said they did not shut down or sold the factory. However, when reporters asked why taoyuan factories are closed, HTC CMO Benjamin ho said no comment.

sources, because of funding problems, HTC will integrate taoyuan two production lines, the two factory’s monthly mobile phone production for 2.5 million units. In addition, the person also noted that because of capital chain appear problem, HTC is planning to sell in China and Taiwan is a part of stopping production line.