About the mobile Internet, ma recommends a PPT

the blog BI tidy published “the future of mobile Internet”, the report said sales of tablet two to three years will be more than a PC, is now a mobile phone, computer, tablet, TV four screen world, may soon get into six screen contains five screen, such as Google glasses in the world.

said in a report, with the development of mobile Internet, digitization is quietly – and slowing PC sales and mobile device sales last year reached twice the PC, two to three years alone will outsell PC tablets.

the global mobile phone users up to 6 billion people, of which it is only 1 billion people use smart phones, although smartphones has huge potential, but halfway through Europe and the United States and other developed countries permeability, future growth will rely on emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil.

the tablet market, by contrast, far from mature smartphone market, now in the United States, the permeability of only 25%, less than half of the smartphone. But as the price of tablet is reduced, the market opportunity is huge, the global tablet market just now is a start.

in the mobile Internet, people is one of the most time consuming behavior games and social networking, 43% and 26% respectively. Especially the tablet, users 67% of the time spent on the game, and smart phones the proportion was only 39%.

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translation: tencent technology