About online education market The ding wants is money

netease announced a public class, formal and a large American public online course project Coursera comprehensive cooperation. Netease is ding public class the beginning attaches great importance to the project, the partnership is netease strengthen public class, deepen the step of online education. So once personally for opening out the platform ding, want to do?

about this cooperation, ding said: “as an Internet company, netease has been with its open and the spirit of sharing and collaboration, actively explore the field of online education. We hope that through the cooperation with Coursera, comprehensively promotes the learning experience of Chinese users, will also be more of the world’s best course content pushed to Chinese users.”

why ding so attach importance to this project? Obviously public class free before, and actively explore online in the education field is the netease’s business plan. In fact, the online education market, in addition to ding, portals are all have their own plan. Sina had sina, tencent micro public class lecture hall. Portal tentacles began slowly to the field of online education.

about online education cloud network hunting concept is to create the most disliked and new concepts. What is the online education? Have all sorts of popular concept now on the market, but the online education is essentially: the implementation of education by means of the online medium. Including B2B, B2C, C2C various types. And, of course, online education is a huge market, can derive a lot of niche, a lot of different media, many different forms of online education company or website. But neither the portal’s public class or, YY, bei, 9 class, plus ca change.

why suddenly become so fire in nearly a year online education? Hunting cloud network to come up with a real case to illustrate. Readers who remember are keeping distance education?

are keeping distance education was established in 2000, approved by the ministry of education, all the year round for many industries, many in the field of network education, and to provide remote multimedia network education platform products. Are keeping distance education started with “China accounting operations”, which owns 16 brand operations, opened more than 170 tutoring classes, covering the construction of accounting, law, engineering, medicine and health care, take an examination of, adult the university entrance exam, one’s deceased father grind, foreign language, training of primary and secondary schools, IT training, and many other fields. On July 30, 2008, are keeping distance education landed on the New York stock exchange (stock code: DL), to become China’s first listed on the nyse remote education company.

we are more concerned about ali at ordinary times, baidu, tencent, but this usually ignore the company, its market value in one year, quietly turned over nearly four times.

in a sense, are keeping can be called the ancestor of the Chinese online education. Is confirmed by market value shows that the industry generally believe that online education has a future.

back to the question of why online education in recent years are suddenly fire? Cloud network think hunting for the following reasons:

1, the development of the Internet for many years, people’s perception for the Internet education has changed, at the same time, through online education company like are keeping training, began to accept online education products on the market. This is the foundation of the online education market produce scale users. Payment and business model also gradually mature.

2, the emergence of more medium of education. And previous online text, online video, compared to such a “traditional” media have sprung up in recent years, such as YY voice new online education media, attracted a large number of young users. New media will drive more users to use online education products.

3, mobile Internet is the catalyst. The influence of the mobile Internet for online education market mainly reflected in two aspects. It is more the emergence of the mobile terminal users use online education products more convenient and quick, mobile + education makes online education is very simple. Another aspect, the mobile Internet products also boost the development of online education. WeChat grafting education, for example, the prospects and space is very big.

the ding is also see a huge market prospects, to have the layout. Predictably, the future, the online education market will become giants for another battle.