About 360 stalls! 315 on the eve of taobao sellers collective rights: banners calling for disable 360 browser

recently, the domestic well-known Internet security vendors qihoo 360 was exposed by the media “black box”, says it’s monitoring to steal a large number of Internet users privacy information, cause hin a great. In 315 consumer rights day on the eve of the 360 was again to the forefront, became a taobao shop owner rights complaint object: more than a dozen taobao sellers in the store home page banners hung in succession, against 360 browser malware to steal buckle sellers “taobao” commission, called for shopping buyers to switch to other browsers.

image: billion state power network

it is understood that this is the second time the taobao sellers by activist, as early as January of this year, there was more than taobao shop collective hanging banners to resist 360 browser. The operation not only get a large number of peer support on weibo, also caused no small repercussions in the industry. The straits metropolis daily “, “Beijing business daily and several planar media reports have to follow up.

according to taobao sellers, qihoo 360 through the tamper with the product link, illegal access to taobao guest commission. Whether buyers enter the store directly, or click the link in the sellers directly, not involved in the process of taobao guest promotion, as long as the browser using the 360 deal, are likely to be a commission, and commission most of these orders went to a company called “Shanghai tai” taobao guest. The seller said this mysterious “Shanghai tai” is 360 subsidiaries, in qihoo 360 the equity structure of the book also indicate this fact. That the relationship between 360, however, is not admitted.

the first seller of banners hung led the people of the last activity, loudi cadbury clothing store owner (weibo account @ taobao shop owner rights), he said in his weibo, there has been a lot of peer response, offered in the coming days there will be more owners to join to the 360 human rights.

loudi cadbury shopkeeper said he chose activism, and again in 315 this point in time in order to continue to defend their own legal rights. He said: “we are a small shop by the camp, had relied on cheap baby to attract customers, and the 360 browser is secretly take taobao guest commission fee, serious damage to the interests of us, greatly improve the cost of our shop, we are unable to give customers more benefits. For the benefit of the people, the way we once again choose to boycott, tell everybody the shameless behavior of 360, hope everyone in baby time to switch to other browsers.”

the clothes bell flagship store owner said in an interview: “we could have kept silent, but if everyone continues to indulge in this kind of undesirable behavior, 360 at 360 won’t even take more and more commission. 315 is coming, I hope every victim of taobao shop as we brave stand up, together to protect the interests of our own!”

to the personage inside course of study about 360 secretly tampering with taobao link, steal the commission charges of behavior such as 360 has refused to accept. And this kind of tampering is random, so the proof is very difficult, shopkeepers, taobao customer groups such as the average consumer is difficult to detect. Loudi cadbury said, in the hope that with the aid of the chance of the 315, through their own efforts to alert more victims shops, also hope to have more colleagues to join him, fight for the rights and interests of taobao sellers.

source: business network