A true giant search market, missed the opportunity to where?

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when recently to one official comments with the Internet search company, ali’s search quietly attention; Understand the industry number at the moment there is no lack of expertise and some from a joking. Standing in technology and business observers’ dual Angle of view, I always wanted to wrote to ramble search business opportunities of the market, which we thought and with his eyes, and blue ocean where exactly? Baidu, 360, sogou, immediate, pangu, ali search one or two, we don’t convenient call but very good entrepreneurs who they walk on the right path?

“fuzzy” broke out in a clear demand

let the story begin from demand and the user: today the public what is greatest demand of users’ search feature? There is no doubt that the answer is “fuzzy”. For example: a user search “brad Pitt’s wife”, only through these keywords you can’t judge he is looking for Angelina jolie, and his ex-wife Jennifer aniston.

earlier some clever search engine keywords, always want to play with users to prove their intelligence, such as the cooperation with China Daily, even by Clinton’s recommended Accoona tried to guess the user by keyword behind the demand, finally the company unaccounted for. Only see Peter case can deny this pattern. Users don’t know how to define the Query, how can you know?

a question more cannibalism, search the user itself the biggest characteristic is what? Answer: a group of people who “distracting”. Next to the search industry on the students of the first lesson will learn this hypothesis. Not much explanation, with a case study shows that: as air fans, you input the keywords “Jordan”, the baidu the sexy, curve graceful “Jordan 3 edition”, where you can stick to? This is not attention to melt away?

the conclusion: “a group of easily distracted, and not clear his needs of users and information demand” was finally entrepreneurs to capture of modern statistics and computational science, gave birth to today’s most gold content, highly exclusive business – search for IT.

The boundary of the


to find the “blue ocean” the first thing to know where is the boundary of the “red sea”. Fantasies can still confrontation and Google and baidu entrepreneurs to be wary of this boundary. This early is not a question of the algorithm. Even if you have both algorithm overnight, you even the chance to go to the beach is very small. This is a money and hardware built into barriers: in order to support you this a few times every day to click, the two companies generating capacity is enough for a dozen giant the need of the city.

in the Columbia river downstream of the river, there are two buildings used rivers divide the size of a football stadium after the first generation cooling, at the same time solve the energy consumption of two of the largest data center, search please ask handle billions of times a day – this is the Google data center today. In northern Europe there are some huge, wiring precision, but has not yet use underground facilities, this is a Google data center in the future.

in addition, both companies have a huge human team to ensure the quality of search, to resist various attacks the rules of the game. And you need to how much input and speed to climb as high as quickly, to talk face to face with them?

Internet is cut, the full text retrieval purpose, a document a word does not leak. Single literally know it’s a highly exclusive business. Continue in this direction from 0 to 1 to development difficulty cans be imagined. It is a pity that included 360, immediate domestic companies still want to positive impact in this area.

so where is the real opportunity left by giant?

limitation behind blue ocean

correlation to retrieve the biggest weakness is the limitation of judgment. This is why the two giants will be news independence requirements. As “brad Pitt’s wife”, for example, to today’s correlation search results is still more than half on the first page about “Angelina jolie,” while the other half “aniston” about his ex – wife.

in order to meet those looking for Julie latest news, we need a more focused on aging service. This is why Google and Twitter once cooperation, provide accurate time content. Disturbances in the Mediterranean, the two “national darling” Google and Twitter to spread a large amount of a gleam of journalists and the voice of the local social media users, which is a little similar to us since the media said today. As media editor, I once tried to use this service to first determine the colonel qaddafi’s death, Mr Mubarak’s ending. But, don’t forget, if there is no Twitter, Google’s this service disappeared.

still need more evidence to support? Open the baidu news and search for, look for the page below – that is the search result of sina weibo. Yes, they have begun to cooperation! Baidu and sina weibo teamed up with a theory and the relationship between Google and Twitter is exactly the same. This is immediate and pangu, and other areas of the team should try to differentiation. Who can provide a useful instant search, it will be a trip to advance into the blue ocean.

at this point, you should understand why Jike.com is called “instant” rather than “geeks”. Unfortunately, the company, including deng yaping, two ceos did not based on a daily resource products into the “immediate”, but to clone the retrieval “correlation” products, into the sea.

there is a position better domestic team, they have the background of the news, the largest Chinese media team, exclusive content updates in seconds, they can even make their own immediate priority to enter their own content Instant retrieval – is the pangu, the official xinhua news agency. And can be seen from the home page of pangu, they understand their genes more advantages than immediately. Effective, but the content is far from enough, identity decided that they might never far enough content source, because they are far away from the UGC and the media.

this blue ocean belong to? That is about to wait for those with sufficient credible news resources, accurate understanding limitation, the most understand the media, and to hedge the content of the product team.

blue ocean of human flesh search engine

in the symposium on a dozen people, I have seen a Cambridge colleagues shows a software works, human flesh out through public information related to a professor at present. When the name has been listed out, and I remember professor surprised expression. Of course in the end he had to interrupt program run, perhaps because of partial results began to involve his privacy.

Google in history, the importance of winning: use web Page mutual reference networks between realized with value judgment, greatly improving the user experience, known as the Page Ranking. Leave a interesting question: whether can use the value judgment of relationships to people? This might be called “People Ranking”.

if you input “wang tao”, not only can be found and your personal recently that tao wang, also can find most of the mass media value that “wang tao”, which was the ball players have three. In when in front of the search, you may not see, for a Chinese name is wang tao has an estimated 150000 alone, is worth five population of Monaco. This is, of course, the potential business opportunities, it is only for those who can put the real name is done, the largest and most complete of start-ups. At this point she self-destructive kaixin tencent later was proved to be undervalued.

as a highly standardized real-name facebook has been blocked Google into the community, let the other side a headache; So miss the content of the facebook and Google that eventually he made himself was determined in the complex of the SNS is here.

behind it can derive more niche, such as search and you the most relevant real-name UGC. Example: the wedding is a good market, but a n experienced person all know powerful comment on nets in small class such as wedding photography of real-name UGC has been water army burst apart; A user as long as the search out two or three real-name our friends real reviews about wedding photography can produce you spend ten thousand yuan or so, but in comments on net without method. Similar and travel, movies, etc., the former is almost blank, the latter to see.

Denver vertical demand

in addition, there are many professional requirements can be a blue ocean: justice, vertical search in the field of medicine. The value varies according to the different cultural environment. The former in the United States rely on precedent is useful, shortly before the genius of suicide Aaron in that had a successful product; The latter is developing rapidly, more geared to the needs of professionals.

a similar idea in different fields have opportunity: in China, such as ticketing, travel, real estate has done very well, but not enough to one winner of the market, such as where to go and how to reside. These if join People Ranking dimensions, value and will be completely different. This, perhaps are latecomers overtaking opportunities.

digital “gear”

in the end, I imagine “search engine” in the future will be like what? To answer this question we have to forget about Google and baidu, sogou, 360 and so on. Search in the future as a gear wheel, it is a ubiquitous tool. We can tell where is the side of the gear? Compared to big industrial age, human machinery is not bare gear as a potent symbol of performance. By the same token, the excellent search product is different in the future Set a search representational; The thinking of the listed above is not even the tip of the iceberg. But one thing is certain, simple, no difference of each clone is bound to fail. Finally behind who can use technology to achieve the traditional user experience, it is a useful and differentiated services, will be the next the discoverer of the blue ocean.