A taxi driver in the eyes of the APP to burn money game: June to spell dad

the author: 方堃

a taxi increasingly chaotic application market began to attract the attention of government and regulation, the latest progress, Beijing committee on June 1, the implementation of the new rules, which make clear a regulation will establish a unified TeFuHao code scheduling platform, and provide 24-hour telephone about cars, network about cars, such as mobile phone about car on-call service mode.

the new rules require the taxi driver should ensure that each car daily for 2 single telephone call car business, and serious illegal and operation service of inferior quality shall not be engaged in the taxi driver 5 years operating services; And passengers more than two default would be in a year is not included in the scope of transport service commitments.

when the majority of the personage inside course of study in a taxi to the application prospect of ecstatic when the mobile Internet in emerging markets is evolved into a burning money game, user experience, marketing channels compared with the financial advantage, has become insignificant. However, with the increasingly severe regulations come on stage, the whole industry will face death in June this year big test.

in the eyes of master li wan quan river taxi company, has been to push the personnel “harassment” by don’t adapt to become accustomed to. In the past, mainly airports, railway stations on live will have staff to take a taxi to introduce their application, and now began to push the personnel in the taxi company introduce products on the podium, and subsidies from the past oil card, such as perfume, small gifts into subsidies money or even mobile phones.

he said that a taxi online application has become a burning money game, no tens of millions of capital could not support the normal operation. As recently about traffic department to eliminate tariffs as call car and to build a unified car platforms, the implementation of the measures such as ultimately survive company not more than two.

have rich user market did not have money

master li of HTC phones in the past few months, once installed too quick to take a taxi, easy to take a taxi, shake for car, such as software, but in the end in his two taxis application of the mobile phone is only two, one is the bleep a taxi, a taxi is another surprise surprise.

left click a taxi because of the company first develop online taxi market in Beijing, well-known in the driver, and indeed can improve the income of taxi drivers and reduce the rate of empty. Leave a taxi surprise surprise this software is the cause of its subsidies strength is enough to kill other similar software.

according to his introduction, a taxi driver as long as 160 hours online phone each month, a taxi will be small mi subsidy of 40 yuan of money during the month, using smart phone driver to install the software for the first time, get 40 yuan money reward, a new driver grabbed the first single registered will receive 50 yuan. No smart phone driver can a taxi to the price of 400 yuan from surprise surprise place to buy a 800 yuan of zte smartphones. This a series of huge subsidies that he and his friends started to give up other similar software.

in addition to the taxi drivers, competitive reach out to management has also begun to taxi driver managers, online application by car to push researchers compared with the past become smarter, promotion way from the past sea-front waiting to active podium at the taxi company to introduce their products. Push researchers in the land of master li’s opinion, as long as compared with the taxi company managers to establish a good personal relationship, you can use the taxi company’s platform, and demonstrate their products on site, this way than casing waiting for more direct way.

“it is a costly game, and bubble, I listen to take a taxi surprise surprise extension workers said that two months, has spent tens of millions of their promotion cost, goal is to reach a certain popularity until June, if not meet that goal, the project will be cancelled, before burning money were completely wiped out.” Master li said, pushing member in their software to the driver, the driver factor is subsidies and incentives. In today’s product function the same, the product details is not whether the taxi drivers choose to install.

rival mr.obama has to take a taxi to bleep felt the threat, on the operation began to intensify of subsidies and incentives. Past series presented with taxi drivers are mainly small gifts such as perfume, car stickers, now click a taxi has begun to give new registered users and their respective references and 10 yuan of money, and for each month to rob the most active driver hundreds yuan refueling card and other gifts.

tencent technology used in visiting a number of applications by taxi drivers, and master li is not alone, have the same idea a taxi application of the company’s competitive situation which led to more subsidies and incentives for the drivers, the drivers will use the software of the company.

stop a taxi price behavior does not affect the application

a car application hot stems from a series of taking a taxi, this is the earliest expand taxi in Beijing taxi online APP in the field of application. Although before di di taxi had 96103 such platform, but at that time, only him, silver, gold and silver to build up the three companies can use this call taxi platform, but for small and medium-sized taxi companies like master li there was no way to use the driver, demand is there, but no corresponding service, click launch the taxi just filled the blank in demand.

“I sweep the street, don’t know where passengers want to go to, if the distance is very close and very block, pull such a living will not make money even lose money. Di di taxi after launch, open to all drivers, so that we these small firms taxi drivers can also use call car platform, through this I can know where passengers go ahead of time, whether to drop by, so did raise some income.” Master li said.

however, these applications providers to encourage the taxi driver during the rush hour and “difficult to take a taxi” living areas, allows the user to call the car “price”, price 5-30 yuan, and some drivers increase even more than 100 yuan in private. Such a “vicious” situation is increasingly noticed by regulators.

Beijing committee spokesman xiao-song li recently said in an interview with the media, the behavior of the premium means that the bargaining in disguised forms, and in accordance with the provisions of the “regulations on the administration of the Beijing taxi”, bargaining is not allowed, the next government will be specification. In addition, wuhan and other places have already begun to take a taxi application price behavior on a tight leash.

rental industry sources, premium passengers, although have, but very few. “Empty rate is by using a taxi application more, committee standard taxi application future price behavior will not too big effect on the software.”

the real threat is not whether the price, but a unified message called car platform. New rules with the Beijing municipal committee and is carried out formally on June 1, each taking a taxi application service providers to “their”.

by a taxi and application found in promoting personnel exchanges, many company marketing personnel will be June reaches a certain building as the most important evaluation indexes.

master li said oneself also received the company notice traffic administration to make cars in June unified platform. So he guessed that for many online application with taxi company, June will face a big test for life and death, now a lot of software to burn a life estimation is called car in order to reach certain installed capacity before June, to gain power, finally to survive this industry can’t more than two.