A study that Facebook can lead to mental illness

sometimes, we like to use the clinical term to describe something. You and your friend together of the time, for example, when friends ask you what happened, and you answer: “oh, she’s a maniac” or “she is delusional”. Such use, because these adjectives are very simple.

these words are used in the definition of clinical aspects will be more accurate. Recently it is said that according to a study in Israel, Facebook and the potential for similar products have caused delusional psychosis. Tel aviv university Sackler medical doctor Uri Nitzan and Shalvata mental health care center, researchers are looking for their patients and relation to their online life.

he thinks psychopathology may be with them in the Facebook and chat rooms. The daily mail, the researchers found that, as a result of relatives, respectively, or to leave. Result in these patients is in alone, and the negative impact of a social network that brought them further.

the daily mail quoted Nitzan the doctor’s words: “each kind of situation, discovered the psychotic symptoms in the gradual development and increase contact between, including the illusion, anxiety, confusion, and more use of computer communication. There is even the patient began to believe that her online contacts is constantly want to touch her body.

there will be someone, probably because the original loneliness, were more likely to lead to the illusion. In before Facebook obviously and psychiatric or paranoia has nothing to do. That seems to be vast network psychological discomfort. Nitzan the doctor said: “there is a problem that part of the regional function because of the existence of the Internet and spatial distortion, the lack of language communication, communication, and idealized face-to-face conversation will make you closer.

this is not difficult to imagine, apparently, a healthy mind is also begin to experience this kind of distorted things, I don’t want to how many people did not experience these, a lot of times constantly refresh the page or multiple logins social networking websites in one day. Nitzan the doctor talked about because like Facebook so could “break the reality”.

however, because the Facebook social networking sites such as the ubiquitous communications, this kind of break is also a new reality. He thinks that this kind of mental illness and paranoia now will regarded as people’s normal state.

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