A prelude to the Kindle into China: clear the third party electronic channels

the author: fierce hon

5 points at 4 am today. Love bean official account issued such a tweet: “Remember. Let go. Move on. I will miss it more than I can (say, 2012.01 to 2013.04”. The same words appear on the front page of love bean () at the same time; In addition to this there is no other.

so, well-known third-party Kindle sharing channels like beans, quietly closed and decisively. , according to official sources like bean launched in January 2012, the current month PV (page views), 8 million, 200000 registered users.

in love bean’s blog, there are user comments “one moment is next, refresh, and then… “, and it is the user reference 1: in the “Life of Pi” All of Life is an act of above the go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.

all the signs are not.

yesterday, like bean suddenly stop push service. E-books can push service will be sent to the mailbox, automatically downloaded to the user’s wireless Kindle. Affected not just like beans, another similar channels on the page marked tip: recently for unknown reason (network) or the Kindle into China, may lead to push function failure.

there is no doubt that amazon is staging a prelude to the Kindle into China. Clear channels of third-party is one of the chapters; Yesterday the Kindle Paperwhite release new firmware to support amazon bookstore and push in China, is one of the chapters; Some older, Kindle bookstore in the amazon China quietly launched late last year also.

the Kindle as close to the Chinese market, the existing, the growth of the spontaneous, how many are related to piracy of domestic Kindle ecosystem, the greater the impact. Transformation, or to shut down, it is a choice.

the status quo is not difficult to predict, in fact, love bean has long been brewing transformation. This year on January 29, like bean announcement said the introduction of press model, to allow the release charge e-book products. This can be understood as a way of self wash white, is totally different from the original model.

but today, like beans also acknowledged for publishing model: “it is possible that we are optimistic, see the problem may be some simple”. End is today’s shock therapy, “say goodbye to the past love bean”.

and like beans (this mode is different, some other third party channels based on the Kindle, still can access. Difference between traffic and the influence degree is different, on the one hand, on the other hand is the indirect share as a buffer, such as through search or network location to provide relevant content, rather than direct download.

but there is also a love beans with channel is still in operation.

what taking amazon “clear” strategy, and what follow-up action will launch? To press time, amazon China did not respond to the sina science and technology.

it step by step to promote the Kindle into China at the same time, China’s electronic counterparts are also quietly. For example ChengDaXin generation Bambook ebook is also preparing to surfaced, inside has meet the engineering prototype of this product, and shanda literature of the new leadership of the new Bambook placed high expectations.

in the previously rumored, Kindle Paperwhite today will be officially released in the domestic market. But there is no official news. Amazon CFO in analysts said on a conference call yesterday, have layout for several years in China: “this is a huge potential opportunity for a long time, but it is still in the stage of investment”.