A new generation of the iPhone: full glass full screen completely transparent

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Beijing time on March 29, according to the science and technology information website SAI report, apple recently announced the application for a patent for a design. The main content of this design is that a new generation of the iPhone will use the full glass, full screen, transparent, and around a fuselage design type screen.

special attention Apple technology development trend of the technology website Patently Apple announced the new iPhone fuselage design sketches.

Patently Apple to Apple’s application for a patent for this technology also has carried on the induction summary: the main content of the “today’s focus on technology innovation softness, surround type display screen, the screen can use aluminum, glass or transparent design. This kind of future iPhone design does not provide any physical button, so the user to adjust the volume of the iPhone, just beside the screen with the hand hover, you can see the corresponding virtual control button. With its unique double screen design, the new fuselage can create 3 d visual effect. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular technology innovation of apples this year.”

SAI, said apple’s application for a patent for this technology looks very good. It should be pointed out that, from the past experience, apple will be a large number of new products and technology for its patent application, the patent approval, has a large number of patents has never turned into to market products. Apple the general idea is: if there is a new product ideas, then before the samsung and other competitors apply for patent.

the apple after an application for a patent for a new generation of the iPhone design is put forward, the fuselage both may become the iPhone 6 or 7 iPhone prototype design, can be on the shelf, and won’t see the real product in the market.

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