A little about crucco material

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today again there are rumours that crucco sold under vancl, and netease science and technology level have crucco vice President said the “basic” confirmed the news.

cloud network hunting on the message to crucco CEO xiao-hui xu patch, haven’t received any reply. Regardless of true and false news, hunting cloud network has recently learned about crucco news to share with the industry.

1, crucco operating personnel have been slashed, currently about dozens of people were left.
2, crucco there are still millions of inventory.
3, crucco sales targets are not limited to such large jingdong, suning electric company, some large tao brand, crucco is considered. According to people familiar with the matter to the cloud network hunting, crucco before the Spring Festival will come into contact with taobao sellers.

here is a cloud network editor and a hunting after electric business executives talk of crucco summary

1, crucco brand positioning, brand takes time, but do need to consume large amounts of money, but I can’t catch up with the electricity crucco after a good time, didn’t raise enough money, which lead to have no money to do marketing at crucco dilemma.

2, xiao-hui xu business very hard, also have a lot of energy, but straight into electricity environment, the situation is better than people, for the sake of brothers more long-term development, a difficult as looking for new backers.

3, crucco rip the van, if inject enough money, insist to be done, believe that will have the harvest.

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