A few regrets of broadband China strategy

author: fu liang

promulgated by the state council on August 17th the state council about print and distribute “broadband China” strategy, and implementation of notice, in order to strengthen strategic guidance and system deployment, promote healthy and rapid development of China’s broadband infrastructure. Notice, by 2015, urban and rural households reached 20 MBPS broadband access ability and 4 MBPS.


widely attention “broadband China” strategy and implementation plan finally passed, and there is a clear schedule and technical route, the policy safeguard, should be a shot in the arm for the broadband of our country development “arm”, in the next seven years, and promote the rapid development of broadband, build an information consumption faster and more stable freeways.

but scrutiny after the full text, still have a few big regret.

a, network, broadband network is still two pieces of leather.

with the development of technology, the network is no longer just the radio, began to vigorously promote the bidirectional interaction, OTT for communications services, radio and television services and Internet will become more and more fierce, the future trend of triple play an unstoppable, but from the strategic plan, network were clear list at number of locations, this would increase the cost of network construction, and may be due to the competent authority of radio and television, communication (Internet), maintain current regional segmentation, and constrained the implementation of the strategy of broadband.

2, the property rent will be still no effective restriction.

in the implementation plan, has been clear about the “government agencies, enterprises and public institutions subordinate to the public facilities, municipal facilities, highway, railway, airport, subway and other public facilities should be open to the broadband network infrastructure projects”, but for this particular link rent-seeking property still has not come up with effective measures.

three, part of the index set is not reasonable.

, for example, mobile broadband user development goals tend to be confirmed, in 2013, 3 g/LTE users more than 330 million, 2015, 3 g/LTE users more than 450 million households. Again for example, the third stage goal is “broadband network service quality, application level and broadband industry supporting capacity reached the world advanced level”, but failed to give full consideration to the broadband in the index also is still in the fast developing leading countries.

4, fiscal and taxation support policy is not clear.

hasn’t been able to put forward universal service fund, but use, is the “perfect telecommunication universal service compensation mechanism, support is limited.

5, industry regulatory policy is still not clear, for the “big four” (the three major communication operators + radio, film and television) support still stays on the text.

6, not enough guarantee of laws and regulations.

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